More of You, Less of Me

Holy Spirit Have Your Way
from Leeland's "Love is On the Move"
I am loving this beautiful, powerful song.  (Click on the title to hear it.)  Talk about some crazy joy!  It's especially meaningful to me after I spent the last several days with my sweet grandma, helping her heal from a heart procedure that she needed after having a mild, yet scary and unexpected heart attack last week.  As I have shared several times before, I love my grandma so much, and I'm thankful for the dear, sweet friendship we share.  Her wisdom and love are always such an encouragement to me, and God continues to write the story of her life in a beautiful, unique way, with each new day He gives her.  I loved the time I was able to spend with her these last few days, and I treasure each story of her fascinating life she shares with me.  My gratitude for having the privilege to be her granddaughter was certainly renewed, and my perspective on all that we worry and complain about on a daily basis in this temporary life was most definitely challenged.

God also did a seriously powerful work in me as my heart broke hearing my incredibly independent and strong grandma cry out to Him, through tears, to help her and heal her because she could not do it on her own.  She was in some serious pain, and felt at the end of herself or her own strength.  It was difficult for her to let me help her, as she was in a place she has never been before; a place of complete dependence and need.  And I felt thankful, more powerfully than ever before, for the blessing of every moment we are graciously given to spend with those we love here on Earth.  Grateful also for the daily things we are able to do that we so often take for granted, like painlessly walking across a room.  Talk about humbling.

Yet this is the place God wants us in each and every day...admitting that on our own we can do nothing, and realizing our desperate need for Him.  Today my grandma is starting to feel better, and she is seeing the fruit of her faith and prayers for healing.  We talked about this circumstance that God has used to build an even deeper relationship with her, (and me for that matter), and how the opportunities we are given to trust Him allow Him to show us how much He truly loves us.  This experience forced us all to trust Him completely.  A couple months ago our pastor encouraged us to pray one simple prayer daily and continually.  I encourage you to do the same, as you too realize your desperate need for Him, and His amazing ability and delight to provide.  (I love you Grandma!  I pray you find strength in this prayer also, and that you feel God's great love for you through His comfort and peace.)

"More of You, less of me, fill me with your Spirit."

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