Have You Talked To Your Grandma Today?

My grandma read my blog today.  I told her about it last night, including all the words she would need to type into the white box at the top of her computer screen to find it.  She is new in the last couple years to the internet, but I so love and respect how adventurous she is with wanting to jump in and join this crazy web world.

So she called tonight and right away said, "You're great Pagey, just great.  I loved it and I spent all morning reading it."  Then she said, "That's how I feel too.  I just can't put it into words and write it down."  She also told me she cried while she read some of it.  To quote a phrase I have come to love that best describes how I felt, "My heart swelled."  I love that my grandma is proud of me.  I love even more that she and I have been able to connect so deeply in the past few years about all matters of the heart, including our relationships with God.  She will be 84 in almost exactly a month, and I embrace every memory I am able to make with her.  It has only been in the last few years that I feel like I have really started listening intently to every word she speaks, trying to memorize the details of her stories, knowing that some day they will become dear treasures to me.  As a matter of fact, they already have.  I have come to love the way that each of our personal stories is woven together through so many moments of history.  My grandma has a fascinating history filled with moments God alone clearly orchestrated.

My grandma is a beautiful, spunky woman, with a bold and courageous heart.  She works hard and always has.  She keeps her home cleaner and nicer than I probably will ever be able to. (Although she'd say I can do it).  When I was first married, I finally found the motivation one day to scrub the entire apartment from top to bottom.  She was the first person I called.  The only one who could truly appreciate the magnitude of me saying, "Grandma, I cleaned all day long...on my hands and knees even!"  She gracefully replied, "Wow, good for you Pagey."  She is also quite fashionable.  When I used to work at Sephora, I introduced her to some "must haves," and have enjoyed helping her keep them in stock ever since.

So thank you, Grandma, for loving me and being interested in my life.  Thank you for loving my husband and reminding me what a wonderful man he is.  Thank you for not being afraid to talk to me about anything, and for sharing such a deep wisdom about life, including how you continue to seek after God and love all that you learn.  Thank you for reading my blog.  I love you.

Have you talked to your Grandma today?


Darin said...

yes, I talked to my Grandma today

Page said...

Thanks bro. By the way...it was rhetorical. Thanks for posting anyway. I'm sure she was happy to hear from you! :)

Rausch family blog said...

Hey Page! Love your blog, too! I highly suggest you visit your grandma witha video camera and ask her to tell you some of your favorite stories or just ask her to tell you what it was like when she was growing up. You'll be amazed how much you forget over time. I did this with my grandma. She went to be with God when she was 99. What an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Cherish every moment of it! I just lost my grandma a week ago and it brought tears to my eyes reading your blog. We were very close and I loved hearing all of her crazy stories from when she was a kid.