Miscellany Monday

1.  Another beautiful Fall weekend.  Kevin and I repeated last Saturday with a long day of reading at our new favorite cafe.  I finished "Out Live Your Life," and I can't WAIT for someone to win it on Wednesday!!  It is going to mobilize people to a completely different way of living.  Love it.  And I found there are small group resources and dvds available to go with it!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway here

We also went to Bernheim Forest yesterday for something called, "Colorfest."  It was a gorgeous day, we hiked through the woods, and ended our fun with an hour of reading by the lake.  A beautiful memory.

2.  What we were reading...

My incredibly kind and thoughtful brother had this book delivered to me last week!  I couldn't put it down this weekend, as it is a powerful message concerning both bullying and autism, and what kids go through.  My eyes were definitely opened to some realities I wasn't aware of.  Karen Kingsbury has done it again, with another inspired and inspiring story.  Thank you Darin!!

Kevin is currently reading this - an essential read.  This was a required book for me in college -a true classic about a hero of our faith.

3.  Whole 9.  

Hear me loud and clear:  I strongly dislike diets of any sort...but I do believe in and have had success in the past with "eating clean."  Kevin has recently introduced me to whole9life, and I think we're both going to try their suggestion of going hard core with it for 30 days.  It will be tough, yes, but the extra weight that keeps me from fitting comfortably into warmer clothes is getting annoying.  And honestly, I've experienced how much better I feel when I'm being really intentional about what I eat.  Bonus:  if we start soon, we'll finish right before Thanksgiving!! :)

(from whole9.com)

4.  Supporting adoption.  I am loving the idea of buying most Christmas presents this year from families trying to raise money for their adoptions.  I'll share the ones I've found soon, and would love to be told about more. What could be better than helping a little one come home to his/her forever family??

5.  Speaking of an awesome cause...a lot of you in blog world have probably already heard about the amazing vision of several lovely ladies to build wells for those who need clean water.  Last year they built two!  I am loving how God is blessing how people are coming together to make a difference.  Check out how you can participate by visiting Project 320

6.  A girl's best friend.  I just adore and am so grateful for my little dog, Chai.  I mean come on, look at that face!  He is so sweet, and has been a source of great joy for me for the last 6 years. 

Happy Miscellany Fall Monday from us to you!!

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Lauren said...

Page - I am looking forward to reading the new Karen Kingsbury book! I actually just started reading a few of her books for the first time this summer. Now, I'm reading Remember in the 1st Baxter series. She is such a great author! :)

Nicole said...

You have such a sweet blog- I look forward to reading more. And I love Karen Kingsbury. Her books never disappoint!

Kevin said...

Hey Beautiful,

I'm so thankful for you and for so much of the wonderful time we're able to spend with each other in this season of life. As much as I look forward to having children and being a father - after days like this weekend, I want to wait a little bit longer so I can have more time with you all to myself! :) It's a joy and blessing to be your husband and friend. I love you.


Venessa said...

I love all the pictures today! So pretty!!! Glad to hear that you had another wonderful weekend!

Mary Ellen Ash said...

The fall pictures are beautiful! The pictures of Chai are ADORABLE!
Ah, the days of sitting and reading! Sounds heavenly. :0)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love your idea about buying christmas gifts from those raising money for adoption! i have three adopted nieces so this especially touches my heart! : )

chai couldn't be any cuter!!! seriously too adorable!

project 320 rocks. love it.

whole9 sounds so interesting. i need to learn about it and do it, too!

thank you for all of your sweet comments. i'm sorry i don't get to visit more often. thank you also for the cupcake costume link. i want to use it for next year. it was the cutest thing ever!

Darin said...

i would recommend you provide a weekly listing of what you ARE eating...wow, that looks rough - it will be awesome when you and Kevin pull it off though!