Favorite Find Friday

Hooray for Friday!  I thought I'd celebrate by sharing a few new 'favorite finds' I've gotten quite excited about in the last few weeks.

1. & 2. I love to relax by going to Barnes and Noble, gathering a nice stack of books, and hanging out under the trees in the kids' section.  (Seriously - it's quiet back there - well, if you don't have kids...though it's fun with kids too! :) - and the comfy chairs around the store are always taken!)  So I did this a couple weeks ago, and two books I ended up pouring over were Simbly Sublime Gifts, and Simply Sublime Bags by Jodi  Kahn.  Very fun!  Both of these books have seriously wonderful and creative ideas for homemade gifts and purses.  I just can't wait to make my very first "no-sew" pillowcase purse!  I also just recently discovered her blog.  Love it!  Her ideas are definitely ones on my list to try very soon.

3.) Take a look at what just came out:
Bakerella's Cake Pop book!

How exciting...and so cute!  If you're like me, you've at tried these at least once, either for a special occasion or just for the fun of it.  I tried my first batch in May for a friend's baby shower.  They were a hit!  I'm very excited to check out this much anticipated book!

I found my final favorites in Bath and Body Works a couple weeks ago.  They officially become favorites when I keep thinking about going back to get them!
4.) I love the new "Shea Cashmere" line!  It has the most delicious vanilla scent and is super soft.
5.) This is probably my most favorite find of all - one of the new Autumn candles called "Leaves" - a ridiculously amazing scent for the season!  Love, love it!
Happy Friday!

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cait said...

No sew?! You're talking my language! I'm going to have to check out her ideas! And I love to do the Barnes and Nobles thing too. Justin and I do that a lot on date nights during the winter. :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!