Baby Shower Bliss

Well, the "pink party" was a success!  Kevin and I had quite a crazy but fun day Saturday with all the baking and last minute preparations.  It was well worth it, and such a fun way to celebrate the princess to be!

Traci, fully expressing her lively and creative side with pink accents in her hair, absolutely loved it and had so much fun being celebrated.  She was especially a fan of the flower poms, the banner, the diaper cake, and the cake pops.  Using my inspiration from the lovely blogging world,  I (WE - thank you Kevin!), made everything except the candy in the jars and the cupcakes (which her husband made).  The only bummer part was how hard it was to get a good picture of the table because of the sun shining in!

These are chocolate chip cookies made with the best recipe ever!  My high school youth minister's wife and a sweet friend of mine is known for these delicious cookies.  I'll be sure to share the recipe soon!

Well, bakerella definitely knows what she's talking about!  These cake pops were a hit.  I did use yellow cake mix though, and I incorporated the entire batch of homemade cream cheese frosting I made, which made them a little mushier inside than I would have liked.

Powder puff strawberry chex mix from chex.com.  I thought this  was a bit too tart, but the kids loved it!

I made a yummy pink fruit dip with an 8 oz. container of sour cream, a 3oz box of instant vanilla pudding, an 8 oz. container of cool whip, a splash of milk, and red food coloring.  Yum!
I found these bud vases for $1.99 at Michael's.  Love those peonies!

The branches were "Blessings for the Baby."  I had little note cards that guests could write sweet notes or prayers for the baby on.  The tray has strawberries and oreos covered with Wilton candy melts.  I also found some adorable pink pearl candy to sprinkle on the oreos.  Fun!

I loved that the diaper cake turned out.  However, I didn't totally follow the directions as far as buying the "swaddler" diapers.  The infant ones have blue on them, but you can't tell too much.

I mod podged a cute piece of scrapbook paper onto a $5.00 frame from Michael's.  Baby girl is looking quite cute!

Xavier and Armani helping their mommy unwrap her new chair that was a present from one of her customers at her coffee shop.

Kevin enjoyed the fruit of his labor by playing golf with my brother that afternoon.  He was such a huge help in putting all of it together!

Congratulations Traci!  Enjoy your new baby girl in only a couple weeks!


Party Box Design said...

I LOVE IT! I esp love the diaper cake and peonies!

You did a fab job!

Tiffany said...

Wow! It all turned out amazing, Page! Fabulous job! I love all the details. The oreo and strawberries look so cute with the little pink pearls and swirls! So perfect. The banner is adorable and the pink pom pom flowers are awesome! Love it all. I am sure Traci had a blast! What a great party planner you are!

sandra mae said...

you are such a GREAT hostess! so, so, so super cute! the time and energy you spent on the details was well worth it- just adorable!

cait said...

Page!! Amazing!! So fabulous...any litte one and their special momma would be so blessed to have this gorgeous shower to celebrate them. You did great! I couldn't wait to see the pics and it all looked awesome. Pat on the back!

Amy Bowman said...

look at that! you did an awesome job!! Kevin IS a sweet man for helping you. My sisters shower is in a couple of weeks...I've made 3 poms so far:) Have been looking at diaper cakes, they were all just too foofy looking. I like how simple yours is!!!