Vinyl Love

I am loving Janey Mac's wall art vinyl!  A great alternative for a "commitment-phobe" person like myself to decorate in a super-cute, non-permanent way.  Here are the few that I am loving right now.  Definitely makes me want to start decorating a baby's room or something!  Guess I better get working on that baby part! :)  Check out these designs and a whole lot more in their Etsy shop!


Party Box Design said...

I beyond looooove wall art!!!! Like crazy love!

Thanks for popping over to PBD!

Erin A said...

Yeah, I love these! I am planning to use one right now, I just haven't found the perfect one, must look around etsy a bit more. :) Good choices though!

Thanks for your comments on the clock, I am really enjoying the new blog. And I couldn't believe the feature on UCreate, I was so flattered!

Take care!

cait said...

Love these too!!

Angie K said...

How cute!!! I have two daughters who I could see using this type of idea in their rooms... I'll show them your pics tomorrow. I'm so behind the times, I've only seen these used on windows.