The Love of the Lamb

"Watch the Lamb" by Ray Boltz
This is a powerful song that has moved me since childhood, depicting the story of God the Father sacrificing his one and only son Jesus so that we could experience the amazing joy of salvation forever.  This Easter weekend especially, I am so thankful and incredibly humbled.  In that moment when Jesus was killed and he asked his father if there was any other way, he experienced ultimate separation from God, something I cannot imagine, and would never want to know anything of.  But three days later, when he was raised from the dead, the greatest promise and prophecy that ever was came to fruition.  And we are the undeserving recipients.  Enjoy the weekend and spend time being grateful for this powerful and incredible redeeming love.  If you get a chance, check out this song too -  "The End of the Beginning"  Love it!  My home church used to sing this every Easter, and it's a crowd favorite - a great way to tell the story.  Happy Easter!

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Tyne said...

Hope you had a blessed Easter as we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord!