The Beauty of Butler Basketball and Busted Brackets

Well, I'll say one thing.  Being with my husband in Indiana in my childhood home and watching the best basketball of the year has things looking up quite quickly!

Needless to say, if you've been keeping up with the "madness" at all, you know that most people in America have had their brackets "busted."  No one could have seen a Final Four like this coming.  Yet I am a Hoosier through and through, so while I am a bit frustrated I didn't personally give them a chance, I am rooting for Butler to bring it home.  Not that they would have to travel far, with the tournament only 6 miles from their own school stadium. If you need to be further convinced, here are some great reasons to go for the big blue:

  • Gordon Hayward is a nice kid from Indiana who has quite a basketball story, winning the high school championship for his team with a last second shot.
  • The coach is only 33 years old, the same age as my sweet husband.  What an accomplishment for him at such a young age!
  • Tonight on the pre-game show, they told the story of a 42 year old man who has ALS, a debilitating disease.  This man absolutely loves Butler, wrote a moving speech for them that was read by his wife, and has an up close and personal seat to the show tonight, hoping for a National Championship win on Monday night.
  • Finally, my big bro is blessed to be there tonight, and as an Indiana native basketball boy himself, I am sure he is loving it!
No matter what happens, this "One Shining Moment" that only comes once a year is always worth the wait!  Go Big Blue!

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sandra mae said...

little fun fact about sandra-- did you know I went to college with the Butler coach? AND he married one of my sorority sisters! it was super fun cheering for the Bulldogs the past couple weeks! glad you were, too!