The Beauty of Brushes

Yesterday I received  my new Real Simple magazine in the mail, which is always a happy moment for me.  This month's turned out to be particularly enjoyable because it's loaded with all the latest hints, tips, tricks, and recipes a girl could want.  Sometimes I think it's a little light on practicality, but this one is the Spring issue, which means it's filled with all things cleaning, decorating, cooking, and beauty.  One particular article on makeup tips inspired this post on my most favorite aspect of makeup...the brushes.  If your first thought was that you've never even thought of using brushes, then this one's for you.

Five years ago, after my first 5 years of college, (when I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life),  I worked at Sephora for about 2 1/2 years.  While retail and mall hours were less than desirable, there were some aspects that were quite fun...like the access to everything you could ever want to know and learn about more than 200 of the most fun (and expensive!) brands of makeup out there.  I quickly learned the importance of a great brush in your make-up bag.

So I thought I'd share my most favorite brushes that I have found make all the difference...and that I thankfully bought when I had the discount!  Although I love mine, in recent years it seems like Target has picked up some much less expensive but seemingly quality ones as well.  Either way, if you are a fan of having fun with your makeup, you will be amazed at what a difference great brushes can make!  For long lasting brushes, just make sure to clean them with a gentle cleanser every couple weeks, (bristles facing down under running water), and lay them flat to dry!

Foundation brush by BECCA (so much better than fingers or a sponge!):

Powder and cheek brushes by Paula Dorf (my absolute favs - and ones I seriously had to save for - amazingly soft!) :


All-over eye shadow brush by Sephora (great for base color and all-over blending - and the one to choose if you're only going to choose one!) :

Eye crease and bullet brushes by Smashbox (great for adding darker colors and definition to the crease and corners) :

Secret camouflage concealer brush by Laura Mercier (love it!) :

Velour puff by Laura Mercier (just because it's the best way to set your makeup and get that finished but "glowy" look) :

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