Thoughtful Deliciousness

      To create the perfect complement to the chili in the previous post, my very thoughtful husband did the sweetest thing before I got home Wednesday.  It was done, however, in response to my very thoughtful mom sending us this incredibly generous box of "Beer Bread" last week.  She has made it the last couple times we have been home and it is so very yummy.  It's thick, dense, moist, and sweet all at the same time.  My whole family loves it.  So randomly last week a wonderful surprise of a box was sitting in front of our door and inside was this!  And there are three packs of it inside!  Also, just so you know, although it's called "Beer Bread," any carbonated beverage will do.  We used Sprite.

Thank you so much mom...your thoughtfulness and generosity are very much appreciated and enjoyed!

      So Wednesday I was on my way home from quite a stressful day at work, and when I was in our apartment complex and almost to our place I saw Kevin walking the dog.  He said, "I have a little treat waiting for you."  When I came in I saw that he had taken the time to spend the hour or so it takes to make and bake this yummy bread!  How thoughtful.  He was so sweet, because he knew we were planning to make chili and that this bread takes awhile to cook.  So thank you to him as well for showing love through such thoughtfulness.  My husband and my mom are both such masters at loving me and others through gifts and acts of service.  Speaking my love languages!  (Actually, I'm not picky.  I'm just thankful to be loved!)  Thank you both for loving me so well!  I love you!

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Angie said...

Yum!! How sweet!