Sweet Sixteen

Today Kevin and I have been married for a sweet 16 months!   We were married on November 16, 2008, in a beautiful, powerful ceremony, and have already enjoyed quite a crazy and wonderful ride.  It is amazing how God brought Kevin and I together, as we were both individually stepping out on faith for Him, and now He continues to love, challenge, and refine us through our love for one another.  

We have learned that marriage definitely serves as a reflection of our greatest strengths and weaknesses.  (Whether we want it to or not!)  Because of that I am learning what it truly means to receive and experience God's grace as He uses this unique unity to make me more like Him on a daily basis.  While this can often be painful and humbling, it is also my deepest desire.  

To commemorate this special day, we also celebrated our new healthy lifestyle plans by enjoying this beautiful spread for dinner.

Kevin loves to eat salad out of these big bowls, so I decided to join him!

We have been planning on keeping a sort of "salad bar" in our fridge for quite some time now, (probably  about 16 months!), so today was the day.  I am so thankful to have a husband who loves to eat beautifully bright and healthy food!  The delicious vegetables definitely made me think of summer....come quickly! :)  And we made the chicken fingers using the recipe on the Bisquick box - we love them!  It was a wonderful dinner with my sweet "Honey-love."  I loved talking to you tonight Kevin.  Thank you for leading our family to pursue God wholeheartedly on a daily basis!  And thank you for speaking quiet, gentle truth to my heart...I love you!  Happy 16 month anniversary!


Kevin Russell said...

Hey Beautiful,

Thanks for honoring our 16 months! God has been so good to us. I'm so thankful for you, you are the greatest expression of God's love for me! Almost daily I am humbled and amazed as I think to myself while looking at you, I can't believe God chose me to be your husband! I love how God fearfully and wonderfully made you. You are truly a work of art! I love you more than you know.

your Honey-love

p.s. Thanks for helping our family eat healthy! :)

cait said...

you all are too cute! gorgeous pictures! :)