It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

According to my brother, this definitely is the most wonderful time of the year.  March Madness time, that is!!!  Where I'm from, (the great state of Indiana), basketball is the big deal sport.  My dad and both my brothers are quite the athletes, and I cheered for many basketball games during my high school years, so I come by my excitement for this time of year quite honestly!  My brother runs quite the fun bracket pool, (for fun and bragging rights rather than money), and I love his enthusiasm...as well as the quick witted dialogue or "trash talking" he spurs on among our family and friends.  I've never done so well, but my mom had her "one shining moment" a few years ago!

Trust me, if you've never tried it, at least take time to enjoy the first round of games this Thursday and Friday, then the continuing drama on Saturday and Sunday.  What a weekend!  These first games are always guaranteed to be a good time filled with upsets and nail biters.  But it's definitely more fun if you participate!

My one possible faux pas - I married a die-hard UK fan.  (Just to clarify, not the married part...the UK part!!!)  Something I certainly have never been.  Right now he's actually having quite the serious but hilarious conversation on the phone with a friend breaking down UK's chances.  They seriously talk about the team like they're family!  :)

I like to play it by ear, taking it one year at a time and going with the "best story," or "nicest athlete," or "biggest underdog," or even "coolest team name."  That last reason is why I was all Gonzaga all the way for quite some time.  Until that one sad year when they broke my heart in the game against UCLA, so I just had to break it off.  Who will get my passionate and loud cheering support this year?  Well, considering I've been almost too swamped to remember to make my picks, the few moments I can find to spare in the next couple hours will decide.  Usually it takes me several thoughtful and overly analytical days to make my bracket picks, but this new career of mine just won't allow it.  So we shall see.

If you want to join in on the fun, follow this link to www.cbssports.com and sign up!

Let the games begin!


Tyne said...

Just finished my bracket and I had the Jayhawks as the champs... I picked them to play the Aggies (I'm an Ag, you just have to believe!). Enjoy the tournament!

Darin said...

here's to the greatest weekend of the year!

Carmel said...

Go CARDS!! (and you can show this comment to Kevin:) ) and GO CATS too!

Kevin Russell said...

I'm hoping the Cards beat Duke in the second round Carmel. Would love to meet you in the Final Four. Bring it on....