I Forgot to Wear Green

So, today, as you probably know, is St. Patrick's Day.  It might very well be my least favorite holiday for some crazy reason.  Come to find out, it actually might have an interesting spiritual background...so perhaps I should dig a little deeper before I judge!  It could be I just don't appreciate it, but I've just never really been all too fond of the commercialized side of it abundant with leprechauns.  (Um, maybe that has something to do with it...)  Where's my playful spirit, right? :)  I will say, it was so very cute to hear a kindergartner after school get really excited about how the leprechauns had snuck in and destroyed their room!  So sweet.  When I was student teaching I helped the kindergarten teacher I was working with do the same thing and they loved it.  Everything seems sweeter through the eyes of a child.

Regardless of my silly opinions, there still seems to be no excuse as a teacher to forget to wear any green at all!!  Oh, how this crazy job affects my once fairly decent memory! :)  Kevin and I even had a bit of a discussion last night about whether he should wear green shirt or not.  (He opted to not).  Oh well.
In order to avoid the "forbidden" pinching, I did find a random bracelet with green in it on my no longer clean desk.  :(  (Do everything without complaining, do everything without complaining...)

On my way home today I heard on the radio that this holiday has a Christian foundation, and the three leaf clover was actually intended to represent the Trinity...the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  That part I find quite intriguing and definitely appreciate.  If you would like to read the rest of the history about this day, which might be quite fun for you (if you make mint brownies or something delicious like that!), check it out here.

Hope you had a cheery and festive green day!

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