Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss was a creative man,

he loved to write books, of which many are fans.
He wrote silly stories made up of crazy Whos,
I have my favorites, how about you?
The Cat in the Hat was a childhood fav,
reading about the children on that cold, cold, wet day.
So take time today, to celebrate this man,
honoring his work, having as much fun as you can!

After you wake up and enjoy a delicious breakfast of "Green Eggs and Ham," make it a fun day with great ideas from the following sites:

Explore the whole Dr. Seuss world on Seussville.com!

All kinds of fun ways to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss can be found here.

Fun Dr. Seuss craft ideas are at About.com.

Find the hat above at target.com.

Check out super cute Dr. Seuss parties from Kara's Party Ideas.

Try some fun activities from Craft Ideas Guide.

Find a Dr. Seuss quiz for kids here.

Check out all kinds of cute and clever ideas at Child Fun.

Make these adorable Pipe Cleaner Whos at familyfun.com.

So celebrate Dr. Seuss however you choose;
when someone has a birthday it's always good news!
Have fun, make memories, but whatever you do,
make sure to be creative while you hang out with the Who's!


Kevin said...

That's awesome Sweet P! I love your creativity and fun spirit - God has so wonderfully made you! It's great to be your husband. K-Love

Angie said...

I thought you'd appreciate our family's supper on Tuesday... we had "Dr. Seuss quiche" - green eggs and ham, of course. :) And Emily made a "trufula tree" (from a paper towel tube and construction paper) for the middle of the table. Since this was the week of Indiana state testing (ISTEP), they weren't able to have celebrations at school, so I had to compensate.