Our Story...in 250 Words

The radio station "K-Love" has been having a contest where Matthew West will write a love song for one couple's love story.  The challenge: it had to be told in 250 words or less!  Yikes!  Well, with a joint effort, the following is what Kevin and I submitted.

"I was considering an invitation to help plant a church. I had told God, "I will go wherever you send me."  So I went to visit the supporting church.  That's where I met him, a man who now worked at this church, where he had come to Christ only 7 years before.  He was 31, I was 27. When I saw him his huge smile was obvious. I would soon learn his heart for God was bigger. He received and celebrated my crazy, passionate self; I grew with respect and awe for his quiet confidence and gentle, trusting heart. I thought, "This is the kind of man I have prayed for; I would wait forever for him."  My heart did not yet beat faster, but my soul was at peace.  Later he would say, "You feel like home to me." When we were together, we were speechless with gratitude. Apart, in our separate cities, we prayed we would be refined individually, so we would be better together for God.  I termed it the "adrenaline rush of trust," the divine adventure God had planned for us.  He proposed to me 5 months later in the church where we met. We were married four months after that in a ceremony we termed, "Immeasurably More." A reflection of a story that was more than we could ask or imagine. Daily we are refined and renewed, walking together for Him. My name is Page, his name is Kevin, I call him K-Love. (seriously) :)"

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