On This Day...2 Years Ago

On this day, February 10, 2008, I met Kevin Douglas Russell.  The first time I saw him he wore the huge, beautiful smile he still woos me with today, and he welcomed me with the kindness that still defines him.  On that day this man received my crazy joy like it has never been received before or since, and his quiet confidence spoke volumes about his relationship with God.  We worshipped together, went to lunch with his sister-in-law at Bristol, and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about God, ministry, and what it meant to truly trust Him with all your heart.  I left Louisville skeptical yet fascinated, having just come face to face with a man that encompassed everything I had spent 27 years praying for.  He sent me a card just a few days later with a few encouraging lines about our meeting, one that said, "I look forward to seeing what the months ahead will bring."  We all know what the few short months ahead brought...the beginning of our story of a lifetime together as one.

Quite regularly in the last 2 years I have jokingly said to Kevin, "You don't even know me."  It has become a famous line of ours.  I have consistently reminded him that you don't really know someone until you have known them for 2 years.  So in the card I gave him tonight I said, "Today you can actually say you know me!"  I also told him that I am so very glad we met.  That was such a special, unexpected, yet clearly God-ordained day.  We are so very grateful for the 2 years God has given us so far to share together.  We are enjoying the growth of our love for Him, for one another, and the friendship that continues to build in our marriage.  We laugh a lot, and we learn even more.  We are blessed beyond measure...and excited for the many years to come.

I love you Kevin.  Thank you for the best 2 years of my life so far!


Tyne said...

Happy Anniversary (of sorts)! Hope you have a blessed day.

cait said...

So sweet! You are so great to remember these important dates...especially in the first year of teaching! ha. Goodness, I could barely remember to say goodnight to Justin last year. :)