Love Is In The Air

Today we had our classroom Valentine's party.  I love this holiday...the pink, white, and red; the hearts, the  exchange of friendly sentiments in the way of everyone's favorite cartoon.  And in 3rd and 4th grade, I have to say the little love connections seem to be blooming even before Spring.  So needless to say, we had a fun time today.  To hold our valentines we made mini paper bag "scrapbooks."  The following pictures show the process.

Materials needed: scissors, colorful paper, cut-out hearts, assorted ribbons, paper lunch bags, (we used white), stickers, a hole punch, glue, and pictures.

First, stack three paper bags, alternating the open ends.  Hole punch three holes in one bag, then line up the next one to punch the next three holes.

Next, tie ribbons in each of the three holes.  Then, basically decorate however you would like until your little heart's content!  You can tuck little things into the pockets and bookmark the pages with ribbons.  This was a really fun project with the kids.  They are so creative, and they were very proud of their books!

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

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cait said...

Love these! :) Enjoy your weekend!