Fun V-Day with K-Love

I love my husband.  I waited many years for him and this is only the second Valentine's Day we have spent together.  He is so sweet and we shared a sweet and wonderful evening.

He surprised me with these beautiful (and budget approved:) ) flowers:

He also wrote in our "love journal."  This was one of our favorite wedding gifts.  It's a journal in which we write back and forth to each other - ideally at least once a month.  It's also a great way to record our "love story" on paper.  Yesterday he actually wrote me a personalized Song of Solomon verse.  Oooh.  Very sweet!!!

We hung out at Barnes and Noble while we waited for our table at dinner.  I actually saw these very same "love journals" there. :)  I hung out in the craft section... let me just say, I am crazy inspired to get the knitting and sewing going!  Homemade toys are my new favorite thing! 

We used a gift card to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Outback.  Yum!  This was also a wake up call to us to have more date nights.  We had fun talking about our vision for our future and praying for God to lead us in the direction and timing He desires for our family.

Then we stopped by P.F. Changs to pick up the best dessert EVER to share at home...the flourless chocolate dome!!! Yum!!!  We love every bite of this dessert!

Needless to say, we had a great day.  I am reminded to creatively love my husband every day like it is a special "love" holiday.  I am so very thankful for the amazing, godly, passionate man that I get to share life with, who so beautifully expresses his love for me in such wonderful ways.  I love you K-Love!

P.S.  Did you know this holiday is named after St. Valentine who was a Christian martyr?  Fascinating!

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