Erwin McManus' Super Bowl Ad

(Picture from Yahoo - Associated Press)

Erwin McManus, one of my all-time favorite authors, (Chasing Daylight, Uprising, The Barbarian Way, Soul Cravings, Wide Awake), has a Super-Bowl ad as a finalist in the Doritos contest with other members of his congregation.  I have heard him speak on a number of occasions, and I have been to the church in L.A. where he is the pastor.  It's called "Mosaic," and it is unlike any other church I have ever been to.  They meet in a building that is a nightclub during the week, and a church on Sunday nights.  It's energetic, authentic, and highly creative.  So it's especially cool that they have an ad in the running for the Super Bowl.  They won't know if they've won until watching tonight.  Either way, check out the article about them on Yahoo!

Also check out Mosaic's website and watch at least one of his sermons.  He is an incredible follower of Christ. I'm telling you, God is using this man to help change the world.  I hope they win tonight! Oh and...go Colts!!!


donna d said...

I just bought the book Uprising. Looking forward to the read!

Ashleigh @ Thankfully Thrifty said...

Wasn't his ad great???

Anonymous said...

Really!!!???? Erwin made this commercial? It's his commercial....LOL!