Can't Wait to Make It!

So here are a few things on my ever-growing, "can't wait to make it" list.  I will be trying them all in the near future!  In the meantime....

I can't wait to make this:
And this:
And this:
And this:
And finally, (oh yes, even if I have to learn to use a sewing machine!), one of these:

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Carlye said...

Hi Page!
I tried the chocolate cups from above and let's just say they were a "bust" for me, literally! I first could not even get the balloons blown up - Pat had to do that for me. No lung power here, I guess. Then, I dipped the first balloon in some melted chocolate and BAM - it burst. I had to fish out the balloon from the gooey chocolate. I had seen Kelly Ripa the day before make some chocolate hearts, so I made a couple of those to let the chocolate cool a bit. Tried dipping another balloon and BAM again - this time the chocolate went everywhere! On me,the floor, the underneath side of the cabinets, etc. Ick - messy! So I gave up and made a mousse anyway that I put on a red, chocolate drizzled plate with a chocolate heart that I had made. It was a bit of a bust because of what it looked like (brownish glob...use your imagination...), but Pat, Kyle and Claire ate it anyway - after we all laughed our heads off!
Thanks for the ideas! LOVE your blog!
Love you,