33 Reasons I Love You

Today, February 3, 2010, is my dear, sweet husband Kevin's 33rd birthday.  I am so proud of the man he is, the way he lives and loves as a husband and follower of Christ, and the desire He has to lead a godly family.  I'm excited to celebrate him today, and I delight in how God chose to design him 33 years ago.

Here's to you Honey-Love...33 reasons why I love all 33 years of you so very much.
 Happy Birthday!!!

I love the way you laugh out loud when I try to be funny or cute;
I love the way you have a passion for tasty, yummy food.
I love the way you dance around, and love to sing songs of praise,
I love the passion you have for making the most of every day.
I love how you love our dog, sweet wonderful Chai,
I love how you ask me to look straight into your eyes.
I love the ways you try to make me feel special and loved,
I love how you always know when in your arms I need to be wrapped up.
I love how much you want to have kids and raise a godly family,
I love how much you love every little detail of me.
I love the way you're always thinking of ways that we can grow;
I love that you will hold me tight whenever I feel low.
I love the way you make eggs, and love to learn to cook;
I love the way you hunger and thirst for God's great guiding Book.
I love the way you write your thoughts both to God and me,
I love that when I share my thoughts, my perspective you try to see.
I love the way you fix your hair, and the style that you have;
I love the way you always look good, whether the day is good or bad.
I love the way that you love sports, including golf, and basketball, and many more;
I love how we love to play so many games:  Tennis, Euchre, or Rummikub, it never matters the score:)
I love the way you love on others and think about what they need;
I love to see what God's doing in you and how He's bringing you to your knees.
I love the way you let me dream and have my crazy plans;
I love how you love the simple things and enjoy just holding my  hand.
I love how much we enjoy our time, spent with just you and me.
I love how much we share a passion for a life of ministry.
I love the way you tell stories, and your awesome ability to teach;
I love the chances now and later that I will get to here you preach.
I love your wisdom, your depth and grace, and your life that shows them all;
I love your gift of encouragement, comforting me and others when we fall.
I love that you don't hesitate to love God and me out loud;
I believe with all of my heart that of you God is very proud.
I love your sweet and gentle spirit, the way the Lord brings you to tears;
I love how you let His perfect love cast out all your fears.
I love the way you smell, from your head down to your toes,
When I look at you I'm amazed how well for me God chose.
I'm so very thankful for this wonderful life we share,
You, Kevin Douglas, are the man of my dreams; for you I so passionately care.
Thank you for building me up, wanting my dreams to come true,
The kids, the ministry, the writing and more could only happen with you.
I love that we get to walk through this life, learning and laughing as we go,
Trusting, praying, and planting seeds, which we will then get to watch Him sow.
Thank you for forgiving quickly, being selfless and trusting the love;
You my dear Kevin are a special man, because it's God you make so much of.
There are many more than 33 reasons why my love for you is so fierce;
I'm beyond excited to walk beside you for many, many more years.
Happy Birthday K-Love.  I am so in love with you.  You are an awesome husband and a very special man of God.  I am celebrating his gracious gift of you today.  Happy 33!

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Honey-love said...

Wow...thank you so much for affirming me, believing in me, and loving me! You are such a special woman, a Godly wife and I am so thankful for your gift of encouragement. Thank you beautiful. I love you! Kevin