That's So Cute!

Kevin is always laughing at me for how many times I say, "That's so cute!" So here are some creative ideas I have found recently that I find fascinatingly super cute! Check out these crafty favorites from other blogs:

Felt Mail for kids from lu bird baby :

Valentine's Day Date Idea from Me and My Insanity :

Notebook Covers (super cute Christmas presents for my students next year?!) from The Pleated Poppy:

Homemade gift bows from How About Orange :

Love these Heartstring necklaces from Lisa Leonard :

Crayon Hearts from Martha Stewart:

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Tyne said...

Hey Page, I just found you through Darby's blog and I love the upbeat attitude you have! Thanks for posting the "cute" wax heart project from Martha Stewart... I am going to have to try that with my kids.