To My Two Sweet Baby Girls (before your brother comes :)

5-30-15 (started about a week ago ;)

(Taken this morning, a walk to the downtown coffee shop, 41 weeks with brother
Good job with the group selfie Selah!)

My dear sweet Selah and Zoe,

You, beautiful girls, literally bring delight to my soul.  I have never seen such beauty, held such sweet, pure love, or experienced such grace and life giving moments before I was given the joy of you two.  We are in the sweetest stage right now...and I honestly thought that last summer too.  But now we're actually all sleeping, (for a moment ;), and you two are the best of friends.  You love each other and you love your family.  Both of you have delighted in each of our dr.'s appts. to hear the baby's heart "beep."  By now you are pros and Selah packs a great bag herself, as well as reminds me to bring the snacks.  You've started taking your babies everywhere and this past week you checked them when I was done.  Surely it seems to you two that we have been waiting for a very long time, (and it's seeming that way to us too ;), but we have made such sweet memories in the meantime.  I am picking up this blog post at a point where we are exactly a week overdue, and we are praying so hard little brother comes on his own this weekend before the dr.'s help him out.

Selah, some of our sweet times have been at bedtime when I lay down and he moves around like crazy, or we snuggle and you feel him kicking.  I have loved when you've talked to him like Daddy, saying, "Hi brother, we can't wait to meet you!"  One day you couldn't sleep at nap time and sat on my lap when the baby happened to be his most active.  You giggled like crazy every time you felt him jump or move.  That's one of those memories I do wish I had on video.  Though I need those nap time breaks, it's always special when we have a break in routine like that and get some unexpected one on one time.  You love to snuggle and share those sweet, tired moments together.  You have the best questions about being the biggest sister, what it will be like when we go to the hospital, how things will work with our newest addition.  You have loved moving to the back row of the van as the biggest sister now, though Zoe cried her eyes out when you went back there.  Thankfully she is now excited that Baby brother is coming and is going to sit right there next to her!  You are already such an amazing helper to me, and such a great encourager.  Your heart is so beautiful sweet girl, and I love your love for God and for your family.  I love how much compassion and gentleness you have, with others and especially with your sister.  You are often happy to help her or teach her or let her do whatever you're doing with you, and that is so kind and loving.  I pray that is the Spirit in you!

Zoe, you love to put your hand on my belly, get really excited, and say, "Baby kicking!!"  And you love to kiss my belly - and kiss everything.  You now walk around saying, "Baby brother coming!"  And you are going to be over the moon delighted when he actually does.  You love doctor's appts., and have recently started asking every day if we're going to another one.  You have learned well from your very best friend, and you are going to be such a wonderful big sister.  You have such a caring, nurturing heart.  Thursday we went to a friend's house and you wanted to "hold" their new baby over and over.  This past month there were a couple times when you weren't feeling well or just wanted to, "Hold you," and you took your nap with me in the La-Z-boy.  Even though you had to maneuver around my big belly I just took you in as my baby for the last little while, and loved those sweet moments with you.  You've loved that spot best literally since the moment you were born...and it is special to share those times snuggling you.  I won't take it for granted or give up the unexpected times like that...because you are growing all too quickly like your sister!  Even since turning two you have tossed the babyhood aside and are now wanting to be a big girl in every way.  And saying everything to prove it.  You are so unbelievably cute and adorable - it's such a joy to watch you experience life and experience it with you!

I think we have had more fun with you two girls these last two weeks, thinking he's coming, making memory after memory as family of four, as we ever have.  Yesterday we picked strawberries at Spencer Farms, and it was hot and very sunny, but so much fun.  Last night we made milkshakes, this morning strawberry shortcakes, and tonight strawberry muffins.  This morning I took you two on a walk downtown to the coffee shop and it was once again so sweet for me just to enjoy you.  And to think that we will have many more girl times together when the boys do their thing.  I love, love, love having daughters and love that you have each other as sisters, more than you could ever know.  I am thanking the Lord constantly.  Tonight we had a ballerina dance party in the living room to, "We Dance," by Steffany Frizzle...and it was the sweetest time - oh how I will treasure that precious memory with you two, trying to dance this brother out, worshiping Jesus, and dancing together.  These are my dreams come to life.

Our family is about to look and feel different, as Daddy and I are about to be outnumbered. Just tonight when each of us were laying with one of you I was thinking about how our little guy will soon be on our minds and need us too at that time.  But let me tell you - these siblings the Lord is blessing you with are the greatest gift.  You will be each other's best friends, biggest cheerleaders, and strongest support as you go through life.  This is how we will raise you and what we will pray for.  While I still get so sentimental getting ready to go through this intense transition, I now know what it's like to watch my children love each other so fully, and enjoy each other so well...and I am just thrilled to be adding to that.  So very thankful.

Daddy and I are always learning, growing, sometimes succeeding, often failing, but constantly desperate and fully dependent on God.  I pray you continue to grow in trusting us and trusting the Lord with your whole hearts.  I am so thankful for your joy and love of life.  I know God will give us the strength we need for the little sleep, transitional days ahead.

I am so proud of you girls.  It is my joy and my honor to be your mama.  It is the calling of my soul to be in that role and I do everything I can to treasure it daily, even when my patience wears thin and my efforts are less than the intentional mom I hope to be.  We are praying for you in every way, we can't wait to see you welcome and love on your little brother.  What a great adventure.  You are both precious, unique pearls that God created for his glory.  Don't ever forget that.

I love you so very much. You will always be my two sweet baby girls.


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Callie Nicole said...

Ah, this is so sweet, Page! Can't wait to hear about your little guy!