On An Adventure

It is good to be here...writing in this little space of mine in the online world.  In the last several months my mind and heart have been in a million different places.  If I'm being honest, it's been pretty exhausting in most ways, but wow - what an adventure!  About a month ago I had a blog in my mind titled, "On the Edge of Adventure and Feeling Thankful."  Well, that ship has sailed.  I am still feeling thankful, but we are deep in our adventure....our little family moved to a new state just a few short weeks ago!  After MUCH prayer and seeking, talking and thinking, and seeking wise counsel, my husband took a new ministry position at a church in Indiana, only about an hour and 15 min. from where I grew up.  (and where my parents still live)  This decision was honestly, truly excruciatingly difficult for us.  Kevin has been in Louisville his whole life, and his entire family is there.  And we had to choose to leave an incredible and amazing church and community.  God is doing an incredible work there, and the people are on fire and seeking hard after him.  We were so privileged to be a part of it.  It was a unique situation because we both felt as excited about ministry and what we were both in the middle of doing as we ever had.  And we really felt if there was a time in our marriage and our family to take a step of faith like this, then it was now.  Nonetheless, the relationships we have built over the last five years we've been married, and the amazing people who have loved on us and our babies, were so, so tough to say goodbye to.  But shortly before Zoe was born, this new job possibility came up.  And we spent months going through the process of seeing if God was leading us through that door.  As it turns out, we felt peace and excitement to walk through this new door, and embark on an adventure together, no matter how tough it would be to leave a place where we were thriving and knowing great joy.

And now?  We are on that adventure, and have moved to the most charming community and a young church who is hungry for more of God and all He can do in this place.  We have joined a sweet and passionate staff, and people who have been so sweet to welcome us with kindness and joy.  Our prayer is that we can serve and become a part of this church and community, and be completely surrendered to how God wants to use us here.  And so far we are no doubt tired, (moving is exhausting!!!), but we are having fun.  I kid you not, as one of Kevin's co-workers just said, we seriously moved to Stars Hollow out of the Gilmore Girls.  We live on a brick road you all!  We also are a walk away from the cutest, historic downtown which has an old fashioned diner/ice cream shop, a cupcake shop, a children's bookstore that has storytime two times a week, the coolest antique shops, and some fun restaurants.  I can also walk to the (awesome) library, and Kevin often walks to and from work!  We are just a mile from our new church/his work.  Just this past weekend there was a fun little festival on the downtown square that we walked to.   There are also some really fun parks here, one where we had Selah's second birthday party.  So all those things certainly make it easier for a mom with two sweet little ones to adjust.  I would be lying if I said we haven't had some seriously homesick moments.  Moving is always a really big deal and just takes time.  And while we love being a part of our new church family, it is definitely tough not to feel like we're missing out at "home" sometimes.  This is my third really big move in my life, though it's a little crazier because I do feel a little like I've 'come home' in a way.  I haven't lived this close to my parents since I left for college 14 years ago...and I am a midwest girl with a heart for Indiana. :) All that to say, we are excited to join God at work here, to get to know our new community, and continue making memories as a family. Thank you friends and dear family for your prayers! We are so thankful!!