Zoe - 2 Months

Our second month with Zoe was just as crazy, (but wonderful in its own way!) as the first.  Our sweet girl still felt pretty fussy for a lot of the day, as I mentioned in my 'week 7' post.  And let's be honest, I'm writing this now when she is 3 months old and we have spent a month easing out of the tough days.  I wouldn't say we are totally out, as her fussiness remains at night, but we've made a ton of progress.  And her screaming has lessened into restless fussing, which is better!!  But I am still SO glad I wrote during the newborn craziness because I always think one post to document those days is good to have.  Amazingly enough you do forget even how tiring and overwhelming it was, even though it wasn't long ago!

That second month we started having really sweet mornings.  I would bring Selah into our room in the morning and let her watch some Little Angels, the Donut Man, or Daniel Tiger on the ipad, Zoe would be happy to lay on the bed, kicking and being happy for a bit, and I could work on my Bible Study.  I was still so tired in the mornings, so this helped us ease into the day.  Zoe worked up to about an hour of happy, then was pretty fussy (periods of screaming) throughout the day still.  I will say that it did not take long for her to get into a 1am and 4am routine at night.  Then she went from 10 to 5 right after I wrote that last post, even giving me some 9 to 6 stretches!!  In the past 2 or 3 weeks we've regressed a little, but will hopefully work that out soon.  Life has been more than a little crazy. :)

We were still pretty much in survival mode that second month, but adoring and loving our little one like crazy all at the same time.  I love that she loves it when I sing, and also when I read to Selah.  Zoe also continued to grow fast that second month, and was 11 lbs at her 2 month appt.  She is a healthy, growing girl!  She also started really smiling, and she is a baby that can light up a room!  She captivates me with those sweet almond eyes, and she continues to love bathtime.  We started early with a bathtime routine for her in her little tub outside the bath while Selah was in the bath.  We do it most every night just because we've found that the routine makes them great at being sleepy and falling asleep quickly.  Even Zoe started falling asleep shortly after Selah because she was so cozy and calm. 

At 6 weeks I had the sweetest moment when I took Zoe to my 6 week dr.'s appt.  I was walking in the building, looking down at her sweet face, and remember it vividly because she was staying happy while even in her carseat, which was new.  And for a moment I could totally imagine her grown up, a sweet beautiful girl with hopes and dreams and planning a wedding.  That sounds a little crazy and I certainly don't want to rush it, but I became overwhelmed with such graititude that I get to be her mama and guide her through the years we'll go through together to get there.  I love looking into her sweet beautiful, dusty blue eyes and imagining the relationship we'll have.  I already love the one we have now!  That was just one of those days and moments that I know will stick with me when I look back and remember the time she was a newborn.

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