Lady Lovebug at 30 weeks!

(This was at my 30 week appt.!)

I can't believe I'm moving right along and embracing the 3rd trimester with this little one!  I mean good grief...we will be meeting this little lady before we know it!  The first trimester and a half I was crazy sick, the second trimester I felt great with lots of energy during the second half of it, and now I'm on a bit of an every other day path.  Meaning one day I'll feel all "nesty" and productive, and then I am completely wiped out the next.  But half-time productivity is better than none. :)  Yesterday Selah and I both took 2 naps and I had a rough day for whatever reason.  And my emotions are a little cuckoo, which I keep telling Kevin to embrace.  Here are some more fun details...

How far: 28, 29, 30 weeks (I originally wrote this at 28 weeks, then tweaked it at 30, now I'm 31 1/2!  I'll try to write a more updated post soon.  Flying by!!!)

Size of baby: Butternut squash, 3.1 lbs!!! (Technically a head of lettuce by now) Wow, can't wait to meet this spunky little gal.

Gender:  We're having a GIRL!!!  Yay, fun and different experience to know.  I love calling her "she" and praying for her/talking to her by name.  Keeping the gender sealed in an envelope until Christmas was a really fun way to build up the anticipation and create a special moment...so I highly recommend doing something like that if you're thinking of finding out but want to do something fun.  (I also think that balloons in a box thing would be fun!)

Name:  Speaking of which, yes, we have a name that I love and that most importantly for us is so significant in the meaning.  I made a fun photo announcement for our families, then I'll share more publicly.  Exciting!  Naming a baby always feels like a lot of pressure...such a privilege...and I don't know that it ever totally sinks in and becomes just right until the little one is here and we can see her face!  (but I'm trying to teach it to Selah;) Tough to keep in the details...can't believe we kept everything in for so long last time!

Pregnancy symptoms:  I have backed off the cinnamon roll cravings - thank goodness!  And have definitely loved salads or soups lately.  And I have been excited about cooking and meal planning for maybe the first time in our marriage!  (Which I'm thankful I've finally come back around to...I've always loved to cook, but just haven't found my groove in the past few years)  My sciatic is really bothering me, and sleep is either great or rough.  This sweet little gal is pretty low down there and resting on some nerves that aren't the most comfortable.  And when she kicks/squirms/punches it hurts definitely more than with Selah.  But she also feels more "up front."   Finally, I definitely think I look even more "motherly" with this pregnancy.  Last time I did a lot of swimming in the last trimester, and I'm a little nervous about not having that these last few months.  Definitely don't want to set myself up for shock with the body aftermath of this pregnancy.  Yet I love what I just read in a great book I'll share soon.  She said our bodies were meant to be used up, not preserved like in a museum!  Ha - love that!

Sweet moments:  Selah is definitely a snuggly gal, which I am so thankful for.  It is not unusual for her to come up and just give me a big, long hug for no reason.  She did this a few days ago, and I just held her, thinking about these next couple months as the last months with just her.  I am beyond joyful that she is getting a sister, but I do want to embrace this time before our family changes again.  But I certainly am excited to have all four of us together!

On my mind lately: A lot of domestic things.  I find myself wanting to connect and relate to other wives/moms who might find the daily tasks at home a struggle sometimes.  Or the repetitive nature of it all.  I am definitely seeking God on what's going on in my heart with this one.  I'm also working on a post to share some of my favorite mom books lately, which have helped me realize the pressure I put on myself and how often I feel like I'm failing if I don't live up to my own expectations.  And I know I want to be a mom who offers grace to my husband and kids, but I'm finding I need to do a way better job of receiving grace myself!!

Meaningful verse this week: "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; therfore I will wait for him.  The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord."  Lamentations 3:22-26

My prayers for my little ones are intense and seem constant lately.  Carrying a baby in the womb and having one outside my body brings my heart to my knees all the time.  I feel like I can't pray enough for these two, and have a feeling it will always be that way.  I can still hardly believe that I am a mom, and I'm just really thankful.

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Zach and Molly said...

Page, my back has KILLED me this entire pregnancy and here at the very end it's almost unbearable. One thing that has really helped has been a pregnancy belt/back brace thingy. It's a life saver. Also, rather than just sleeping with a pillow between my knees I have found that sleeping with one with the length of my entire leg (down to my toes) has really helped too!
Love the name Zoe!!!!