Baby Girl #2 - 34 Weeks!

Ahhh...I'm aching to write, as I've had so much on my heart and mind. I just keep putting it off because I don't know where to start and I'm spending my down time reading, researching, and thinking of all the things I need to do!
I can't believe my sweet baby girl will be sometime around 6 weeks from now!!!  Where has this past month gone??  It's amazing...and crazy, and awesome, and overwhelming, and unbelievable!  I think she literally dropped yesterday, as all of a sudden I woke up and felt a little different and like my belly started hanging lower - kind of weird.  But the only reason it might be so noticeable is because this little one has been pretty painful in there.  The way she has been positioned has almost felt like she's straight across my belly and she rounds that back like she's pushing to pop right out!  With this pregnancy I've felt like I could lean forward a little too much and tip right over.  Ha.  I never felt like that with Selah.  This little gal is also a mover and a shaker.  My placenta is positioned differently, which I think allows me to feel her more, but it's kind of hilarious.  When I sit or lay down at night, it's like my body has a mind of it's own, and I'm often taken back by how it feels like my body is hopping and jumping outside my control.  It's especially fun because Kevin can obviously see our girl rockin' and rolling in there.  Our little gymnast. :)

I LOVE when Selah is sitting on my lap, leaned up against me and Zoe gets to moving.  It is the most amazing feeling to have both my girls so close to me like that.  It's the same at night when I rock and sing to Selah - she'll be laying her head on my shoulder and her body maneuvered around my big belly and Zoe will be moving all over the place at the same time or kicking me like she knows something's there.  I am so savoring those sweet times.  I'm definitely at the place now where people are saying, "You're just SO pregnant."  Ha.  I do think I'm sticking straight out more, possibly due to what I was saying earlier, about feeling like she's pushing out as hard as she can.

I'm also entering the "grieving the end of another pregnancy, eager to hold my new little one, trying to pray through my labor/delivery/end of pregnancy anxiety" stage.  Even yesterday, feeling like she dropped I felt like crying because I might not have captured a good picture of her in my belly before that happened.  Ha!  So crazy and funny, but the hormonal waterworks are always real. :)  You wouldn't know it by my lack of photo updates, but last summer I made the cutest weekly update banner with one pendant that was velcroed on so I could change the number each week.  But I did a horrible job at keeping up with that, partly because it was tough to fit it all in a picture.  And for better or worse, I always change my camera to crazy settings as I work on different photography things, so sometimes I just don't have the motivation to walk Kevin through how to take an actual in focus photo.  So ridiculous, I know.

The other basic details:

How far along: 34 weeks

How big is baby? Size of a pineapple (though she totally feels like a bowling ball!)

Gender: Girl!

Symptoms/Cravings:  I've had a whole lot of crazy sciatic stuff, where sometimes it will catch and make me stop to catch my breath.  I am also totally empty on energy by dinnertime.  Mentally, emotionally, physically.  Insomnia is particularly regular, and I want every dark chocolate thing Trader Joe's has to offer.  This sweet tooth is insane.  Hmmm...maybe I've solved the mystery of why she's moving around so much in there! :)  I still just love having this big belly...and I really will miss it when it's gone and I feel like I have to suck it in again.  Another good reason to do a whole lot of babywearing! ;)  It's gotten pretty tough to hold Selah while standing for any length of time, but I still love to scoop her up and snuggle her whenever I get the chance or she needs me to.  And we do enjoy our couch time, especially since I started letting her watch Mister Rogers.  Fun memories with her. I am also aching to write an update post on her and her precious little growing personality!  I am praying so much for this new little life, and embracing this special time of having her so close to me.  It's just incredible and I'm SO grateful for this experience!  Life is happening so fast it's crazy.

Fun fact: This entire pregnancy I've only bought two maternity sweaters, one clearance maternity tank top, and a $6 pair of jeans.  I was also given a different pair of jeans.  I haven't been able to wear my other maternity clothes except for a few shirts (because it was summer), but I am surviving!  I say that just to be an encouragement to those on a budget.  I might not be too fashionable, and I might be getting especially tired of the clothes I have been wearing, but I'm so thankful to have saved a lot of money by not heeding the pressure to look cute or trendy.  (Not to mention it helps that I'm home a lot!)  That said, these last several weeks might get a little tricky, as it will definitely become impossible to wear some of the non-maternity shirts I've stretched to the limits!

Special moments with Kevin:  It has been so neat that he can feel her move so much...and he always starts talking to her and telling her how excited we are to meet her.  And he prays over her and my belly, which we did with Selah last night with her little hand on it.  She knows Zoe's name and we've talked a lot about big sister/baby sister...and as much as she loves other little babies I can't wait for her to meet this very special one.

Other than that, I'm longing for the sun with most everyone else.  I love that Spring is coming...and I rejoice in the Lord for all the newness that comes with it.  Oh how I'm focused on treasuring these baby years...there are definitely tough days and ones when my patience wears thin...but I know these are special, special times so I sincerely want to savor it. 

There is so much more on my heart and mind, and things going on in life...covering all different emotions...but I'll just have to make myself write more so I can share it.  For now I'll end with the verse that's on the artwork above the crib in the nursery:

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; I trust him with all my heart.  He helps me and my heart leaps for joy.  I burst into songs of Thanksgiving." Psalm 28:7

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Melanie said...

You look amazing Page!! It definately won't be long now..little Zoe will be here soon! I just love reading your posts..I can see God shining thru every word you write! Your an inspiration!!