To My Littlest Baby Girl

(written on 12-27-12)

Dear Baby Lovebug,
       Wow, wow, wow.  That is how I feel right now and ever since we found out on Christmas that you are a sweet, precious GIRL!!!  We are beyond thrilled to have another daughter, and that you and Selah will have each other as sisters.  I am shocked and amazed and delighted more than you could ever know!  I feel so blessed that God would allow me to birth two baby girls.  How special.  Your daddy and I are the first ones to have two girls in a row among our families, so that is neat too!  Now we just have 15 or so weeks until we get to meet your sweet face, and hold you close.  I already love to feel you move in there, and I love knowing that you're my little girl. 

We were nervous and excited to open our special gift on Christmas, and couldn't believe it when we read, "We're having a GIRL!"  I cried, Daddy prayed, and Selah didn't really know what to think, but instantly started praying that day that the two of you would be best friends.  I will continue this prayer all my life, as I so desire for my two girls to love each other and have a special, close relationship.  What a gift you have both been given.

I am also praying for God's protection over your body and mine, as you grow and he continues to knit you together in my growing belly.  I am praying that the fruit of the Spirit would already be growing inside of you, and that your heart would beat passionately and boldly for Jesus.  You already seem like such a sweet little girl to me, as much as I can tell. ;)  We've told your daddy's family that you are a girl, and we'll tell my family in just a couple days when we're there for Christmas #2!  Then we'll let the whole world know.  This truly feels like a dream come true sweet girl.  You and Selah are both so, so loved.  I look forward to many adventures ahead with my girls.  I also know in my heart how very much I will learn from the two of you in the years ahead, and I pray I will welcome those lessons and gracefully allow the Lord to refine me through them.  I will do my very best to honor him as the mommy that he so generously is allowing me to be.

I can't wait to write more to you my littlest lady.  I especially just can't wait to know you.  We love you so very much!

Mommy and Daddy

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Melanie said...

So sweet!! How precious to have 2 little girls so close in age..they'll be great friends..can just imagine them having tea parties together!!