Recipes I've Made Lately

I have made 3 (new to me) recipes recently that we have loved, so I thought I should share!  Click on the links to see all the recipes.

1. The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls -
This is an iphone photo of one pan of the ones I made.

These were as yummy as she says.  (and they make a ton to share!) Apparently my domestic skills have been lacking since I've been married, (or my motivation at least ;), because Kevin just couldn't get over that I could make something like this.  Well, he kept saying he couldn't believe I had been holding out on him.  Ha ha.  He just never knew there was something so much better than Pillsbury out there.  While these were gooey and good, I think next time I'll try the glaze recipe without the maple and coffee, and with vanilla extract instead.  Just because I think we'd prefer a lighter, sweeter taste.  This icing was so good, but had a whole lot of depth for sure.

2.  Chinese "fried" Rice -

This recipe is from Rachel Schultz's blog, and we LOVED it!  I made it shortly after I saw it on Pinterest, which I was pretty proud of. ;) It was super easy, and I think next time we'll take her suggestion and make the teriyaki chicken to go in it.  (This time I baked the chicken in the oven first.)  I bought Boil-in-bag white rice because it was cheap and I didn't want to mess it up, and this worked great.  I even used lite soy sauce, which worked as well.  Definitely on our dinner menu list!

3. "Amazing White Cake"

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I can't even tell you how excited I am to have actually found a white cake, 'from scratch' recipe that truly is amazing!!  This is from the blog, Around My Famly Table.  I used this recipe for our gender reveal cake and it was delicious!  Moist and sweet, and I can't wait to make it again.  Good cake recipes from scratch are hard to come by, so I'm so glad to have this.  The almond flavoring, (which I always use in frosting), made this cake have a wonderful flavor. (for the gender reveal I ended up making two white cakes, 4 rounds total, and one cake from a box mix....which is the one I dyed one half blue and one half pink before we knew!)


Heather said...

Those cinnamon rolls look soooo good! I want to make them right now:)

Melanie said...

Ha...great minds think alike! I got a post coming up later this week about a bunch of recipes I've tried since Christmas (pioneer woman HELLO)!!! Havent tried her cinnamon rolls (yet) but they look amazing! So does everything else! Way to go!