Birthday Snapshots

I really didn't take too many pictures with my camera last weekend, but snapped a few photos on my phone to document some of our birthday fun.

We started the celebration Friday night with a dessert run to the Homemade Pie and Ice Cream kitchen. They have the best caramel apple pie!

On Saturday morning we took Selah to Kevin's parents so we could go to brunch and a movie.  And because I'm pregnant, (and we were celebrating my birthday after all ;), we stopped at a random donut place called "Donut Sky" we just happened to notice near his parents.  And the donuts were surprisingly amazing!  Good choice for sure. 

The good thing about having a birthday so close to Christmas is the chance of having a gift card to use...which we did to one of our most favorite places - Wild Eggs.  So good.  And it was nice for Kevin and I to have a date!  We love places like this...'First Watch' in Cincinnati, and 'Another Broken Egg' in the south.  We have enjoyed several fun dates throughout our marriage at all three.

Then we went and saw this...because everyone was talking about it, so I thought it was a sure thing.  I totally respected the acting and the production, but the first half was way too dark and gritty for me.  (I didn't know the story at all before I saw it)  And you have to know, I'm a super mild and conservative movie watcher.  I did really enjoy all the Hugh Jackman scenes and mostly the entire second half.  It was just fun to sit in a movie for a couple hours, eating candy and sitting with my husband. :)

Kevin and Selah brought this to me while singing Happy Birthday while I was getting ready for church Sunday morning.  She wrote me quite a sweet message. :)

Kevin also brought home pink roses for me...I love getting flowers!

We also took a family trip to Barnes and Noble just for the fun of it.  Selah was loving some play time at the train table.  It's fun to watch her play so intensely.

He also got me my most favorite meal for my birthday dinner....corn cakes and lettuce wraps from the Cheesecake factory...yum!  (We shared it ;)  I was stuffed but enjoyed every bite!

Other than that, we enjoyed a quiet peaceful Sunday, which was my actual birthday.  I so appreciated the sweet comments through facebook and texts, as well as phone calls that day.  After church we went to our favorite local cafe for coffee and tea, then during Selah's nap Kevin joined me for a mini marathon of Downton Abbey before the season premiere that night!  And I'm happy to say he was hooked and looking forward to watching it with me.  A sweet birthday present to end my day.

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Melanie said...

Looks like you had an amazing birthday!! LOVE those roses..pink are my favorite too!