4 months for her, 31 years for me

Well, today is my 31st birthday.  Strangely a bit harder to swallow then 30.  Though last year any birthday stress was greatly overshadowed by my joy from finding out a few weeks prior that I was pregnant with my first baby!!  I remember being quite sick and at the same time amazed that our little one was only the size of a poppyseed.  How far we've come!  In 2 days she'll be 4 months old.  Wow.  My Selah girl is just so amazing, and is growing into the most beautiful little lady.  She truly is a complete joy.  I have been forever changed by this past year.  And though I'm now officially "in my thirties," (and in a different, more tired body!), I'm humbled and grateful to have experienced another year of life.  God is so good, and I am so thankful.  30 was truly an adventure, and I'm excited to see what this new year beholds.  In the meantime, here are some pics of our sweet girl.  I just love her so much.