Christmas Things

Who can believe Christmas is less than a week away?!  No one, I'm guessing.  But that is just the reason I like to get that tree up and start listening to Christmas music early. ;)  Today I thought I'd post a few "scenes of Christmas" around our home.

Our growing post of Christmas cards.  Love this...and that I ordered ours in just the nick of time this year!

Christmas cookies.  Yum.  I used this recipe, and a basic frosting recipe with butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, almond, and milk.

We got this as a gift awhile back, and I love that it's pretty much just made of sugar and cocoa powder, and you add it to milk.  Yum.  Almost a daily treat for me these days. 

My very basic, though happy Christmas mantle.  (One nativity is from Africa, the other from Israel.) I saw so many cute ideas on Pinterest of course, then made myself just use what we already had.  And yes, I do still plan on sewing our stockings this weekend. ;)

I love that my brother and sister in law used photos I took of them at Thanksgiving this year for their Christmas card!!  That was definitely sweet.  The background and weather weren't as cooperative as we would have liked, but I loved the practice and that we got some really cute shots!  Such a beautiful family!

And of course, sweet Baby Love #2 at 24 weeks!!  That belly is sure growing, and this little one is moving in much more noticeable ways, which I love.  I can usually identify the body part that's kicking or punching me.  Love this stage of pregnancy...and that we will know the gender and can name this sweet one in just 6 days!!!  Merry Christmas for sure.

Finally, a super sweet video that the super creative and sweet photographer of Wildflowers Photography recently posted on her Facebook page.  I love looking at her amazing sessions and seeing her family through her perspective.  I also love her bold love for the Lord!  This video brought me to tears, partly because I'm prego, partly because of last week, and partly because Christmas is just special...and I love it through the eyes of children.  Enjoy!


Kathleen said...

So many good things on this post! LOVE THE BELLY! You look awesome! Christmas cards, cookies and babies! CANT WAIT to see what you are having! I will be anxiously awaiting! p.s. FB inbox me your address, and I will send you one of ours :)

Melanie said...

Gosh I almost forgot you were pregnant..then I saw that belly pic..lol! You look great!! Love all the Christmas-y things around your house..very pretty!!

Venessa said...

Love your mantle! And yay on finding out baby's secret soon!!

Page said...

Thanks for creating such a sweet Christmas environment in our home honey!! Can't wait to open our gift on Christmas morning, the big reveal :)

Love you, thankful for you.