22 Weeks with Baby #2

(As of Thursday I'm 23 weeks, so this will have to count for both for now. :)

Well, posting 4 posts at once - yikes!  Definitely a blogging "faux pas" I'm sure, but I have been writing and never posting so here's where we are. :)

(I used the self-timer for these photos and got the best faces out of Selah...she loved my running to be in the picture!  Ha. :)

I am now 22 weeks pregnant - wow!  Over half way there, which is amazing.  I love when my sweet one wiggles inside there, and I love that he or she is getting bigger and stronger.  Here are some stats:

How big: A papaya; a.k.a 1.2 lbs

Gender:  Don't know yet, but I am SO incredibly excited to find out.  Seriously I don't know how I did it last time.  We have our "Baby Love #2" envelope on the tree, and it won't be long now.  I will be like a kid on Christmas morning!  As far as inklings or ideas about the gender, I have days where I feel something totally different than the day before.  But I have envisioned snuggles and sweet moments with either, so I'm just thrilled to find out, and I think we'll be really surprised no matter what!

Names:  We have them, (as mentioned and explained in the other 3 posts;), and I still have a peace and excitement about them.  Certainly not unique like the first time, but the meanings are what drive us.  Very important to me.  It will be interesting to see if God lays anything dramatically different on Kevin's heart.

Sister love:  I am just so enjoying our little Selah girl, even the process of learning how to discipline and disciple her ever growing personality.  I was over at a friend's house the other day and she has 8 mo. old twins.  I was feeding her little girl a bottle and it was sweet to see Selah watching me and listening as I told her to be gentle.  She seems to really like babies, so I'm hopeful that rings true for her own little sibling as well!  Selah's words are becoming more clear, and her responses to things we ask her to do show so much that she's understanding and can communicate now.  We are constantly amazed by this tiny person that we love so very much!

How I'm feeling:  I'm doing great, other than some pretty major fatigue.  I might start taking iron pretty soon, which helped last time.  I will also say this sweet baby definitely dances on my bladder...so you can imagine the results of that. Oh, and hot flashes. Having a lot of those, maybe more noticeable this time because it's not 90 degrees out like the summer before I had Selah!

I really start to love this point in pregnancy, especially as I inch closer to the third trimester.  Last time I loved that last stretch, and I hope that is the case this time as well!  I love resting my hands on my belly, feeling those movements, just getting big and pregnant.  So fascinating and it continues to amaze and humble me.  I do have to say I don't love dressing for pregnancy much this time of year, partly because I just won't spend money on many new clothes, especially when we're home so much and I'm just not afraid to repeat all the time. :)  But I so love the growing belly.  It's almost comical, but I feel a lot the same as last time - much more comfortable in my pregnant body than my regular one.  I guess I like being particularly functional. I'm not quite sure I can say the same for my growing hips this time however.  I have not been exercising, but am starting to get quite motivated to not save all that work for after the baby comes! 

Cravings:  Well, I really am trying to stay conscious and careful, but I did particularly enjoy the seasonal gingerbread donut from Krispy Kreme the other day - yum!!  And I am able, (and willing!) to eat a whole dessert instead of a couple bites...which isn't normal for me.  Okay...and I generally enjoy at least a piece of Dove chocolate a day.  This time of year definitely has some frosted cream cheese sugar cookies calling me to make them too!!  Basically my sweet tooth is acting all kinds of crazy with this little one.  Just writing all this makes me want to run out and buy some spinach!! ;)

Things I'm thinking about:  That prayer is my primary occupation.  I really want to write a post on this, but as a mom who often feels frazzled, like I'm just not getting it all done, and that I should be doing more, I am thankful for the reminder that as a follower of Christ my number one calling will always be faithfulness in prayer.  And it truly excites me at the power that can ingnite through the work of the Holy Spirit when I intervene for my family and for others.

Fun moment this last week:  (last) Friday one of my sisters in law had her 3rd little boy!  We didn't know the gender so it was really exciting to be there when her other boys announced it.  We are thrilled that God has blessed them with another child after a long road they've been on of asking and waiting.  The new baby's name is Judah and he is just precious.  It will be so fun to see the 3 boys bond and grow together!  We are thrilled for them and for the family!

I really, really love this time of year, and this Christmas has already been my favorite one yet in our marriage.  We even had our tree up and mostly decorated the week before Thanksgiving, and I have so enjoyed it.  I've also been listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate every day, taking it all in.  I'm even more excited for next year when we can do some more directed traditions with Selah (and the new baby).  Memory making and celebrating Jesus is the best.  So thankful.


Callie Nicole said...

You look great, so excited to find out what you're having! How fun to open the envelope on Christmas!

Tiffany said...

I enjoyed reading these posts about baby love #2. I so wish I could go back to being pregnant with Avery and relive every minute of all my babies!

And what an exciting and awesome way to find out the gender! I love that you are waiting until Christmas! That is going to be the best present ever! I can't imagine the excitement you will have going to bed on Christmas Eve, just like a kid as you said. I can't wait to hear the news! I am excited and happy for your sweet growing family!