20 Weeks with our little Love Bug

Okay, so oddly enough I've written 3 posts and am only now publishing them - oops!  It's always a picture thing with me.  I'm horrible at taking the time to take the photos and go through the process of getting them from camera to here.  Okay, who am I kidding.  It seems like every time I think of taking a photo or Kevin is home to take one, I'm in yoga pants...or pajamas.  Ha.  And one of these days I'll swallow enough pride that I'll just post pictures of that!

But thankfully this post is not about me.  It's about our sweet second baby....the one we saw YESTERDAY!  (Tuesday)  Yay, so much fun.  I was so nervous and excited, and Selah just loved it!  She sat on her daddy's lap the whole time with her thumb in her mouth, just staring at the screen.  As I predicted, this little one is straight up and down, head down.  (Sounds like a great position to stay in!;)  I think it's so neat that what I thought I was feeling was correct.  And this one has felt low with the punches!  At first he or she was facing my back, but then flipped over.  So we got several face shots, which was amazing!  Selah was sleepy and curled towards my back when she was in my belly for that ultrasound, so we really didn't see her face that well.  Also, last time I had an anterior placenta, but this time it's in the back.  Which hopefully means I'll see those body parts more distinctively towards the end.

Our technician was very sweet, which I was thankful for because I always ask a million questions and am so excited.  She was a good sport with our gender revealing plan, which was having her check the box next to BOY or GIRL, inside a card that has "We're having a..." written on the outside.  I made it out of cardstock before we left the house, and we took an envelope that we couldn't see through that she sealed it in!  I am so excited to find out...but really excited that it will be a Christmas present.  The funny thing is our little one would not even uncross his or her legs for anything.  So we almost thought the tech wasn't going to even be able to see at all.  Which would have been hilarious.  Modest little one I guess. :)  Of course I tried to read into every little thing the lady said, even about her own kids, trying to listen for any clues.  So we'll see!  Yesterday I thought for sure it was a boy, but today I'm back to being undecided.  The two things different with this pregnancy are, 1) My regular craving for donuts or cinnamon rolls or frosted sugar cookies (sweet carbs) - so weird.  (But JUST like Daddy!)  And 2) The way the baby is laying.  Other than that, I feel like my belly shape is pretty similar, and my hips are once again seeming to make their way even further outward.  (Hello, carb problem maybe?? ;)  My sickness also eased up more around 18 weeks rather than 20+ like last time.

Either way, seeing that little one, while feeling him or her move in my belly never gets old.  I have been so tired and of course busy with Selah that I make myself stop and take time to truly savor this pregnancy.  Because it really does feel like it's flying by, and I really do love having a little one growing in my womb.  It's always incredible and the most humbling experience I've ever known.

So, other fun facts:

How far along: 20 weeks (Okay, actually 21 weeks now!)

Size of baby: Banana

Gender:  Finding out on Christmas!!!

Name:  We've had the same names chosen for quite awhile, we continue pray over them...

Sickness:  Pretty much gone - yay!  Though I still strongly dislike the lingering smell at night after cooking dinner.

Other symptoms:  Back pain, fatigue, emotional; also, sleeping wasn't great at all in the beginning, but I've had some very good nights...probably since I brought out the infamous and huge pregnancy pillow!

Fun things this week:  Ultrasound of course; also having the Christmas tree up and decorated, listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's Holiday channel on Pandora each day, and playing with the nativity with Selah, as well as seeing her fascinated by all the other Christmas things!  Though so far she's respecting our tree boundaries, and knows she can play with the little one that is her own. :)

I'm feeling so thankful and reflective.  I am also missing the beautiful weather though. In the last few years Winter has not been my favorite.  But I still love this time of year and I do hope it snows!

That's about all for now...it's taken me two days to write this, and Selah is fighting her nap...I'm guessing those two teeth she's waiting for on the bottom are trying to pop through.  As evidenced by her chewing on her fingers the last few days!

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