He Said Yes!

(I wrote this post on September 3, about a month after we found out!)

After praying, waiting, and asking God since earlier this year, I am overjoyed to say He has said yes and is graciously knitting together our second baby!  It's so crazy to even type that...I can say with honesty that we were shocked when we found out, and probably still are to some extent.  Probably mostly because after reading 'NO' on some tests, it was especially sweet to finally read YES.  And it always seems overwhelmingly generous and amazing that God would allow us to add another precious one to our family.

We found out on August 5th, Sunday afternoon right before we were heading up near Cincinnati to hear my brother preach.  So it was especially difficult not to tell him!  I had taken the test kind of in a hurry, as we were all getting dressed and ready to leave, then left it on my bathroom counter and went to get Selah ready.  Kevin was ironing a shirt in the laundry room.  I hadn't told him I was taking it, because the times before we had gotten excited and looked at it together, and if it wasn't a yes this time, I didn't want to get his hopes built up again.  I had peace in my heart because although I get super nervous and excited every time I take a test, it's never easy to get a no, and I told God I was surrendered to His plan and trusted He knew the perfect timing for the growth of our family.  So I took Selah into the bathroom, my heart pounding, and I just peeked at the test....and saw that it said YES!  Wow.  My mouth dropped open, I grabbed it and nervously said, "Kevin, where are you?"  He commented on how he thought I sounded sweet in asking, (ha:), and then said, "I'm in here."  So I walked in, and laid the test right down on his shirt on the ironing board.  His eyes got big, and he said, "Is that real?  Is it true?"  Then we both just stood there with our mouths hanging open in shock, and Selah looking back and forth between us...it was hilarious.  Then he hugged me and said, "Page!"  Then he said a quick prayer and thanked God so much for this gift and for granting our request.  I didn't even have the frame of mind to capture the moment very well, simply because I was so wrapped up in it!

This is the day we found out...my brother took this after our visit.
Needless to say, the drive to Cincinnati was a funny one...we were kind of speechless and in awe.  I love that the service we went to at my brother's church was the one for the older crowd, as we sang several classic hymns, which I (not so secretly) love.   We sang, "Count your Blessings, " and I love the lyrics..."Count your blessings name them one by one.  Count your blessings see what God has done."  I love that with both babies we have found out on a Sunday and I have been able to go to church afterwards and worship.  It always feels so emotional and so appropriate.  I'm just so, so thankful to be a mom. 

Several months ago, as I was carrying Selah on my hip and changing the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I remember thinking how peaceful and quiet our days were, how simple life seemed at home with one baby.  (That day at least!) I also was thinking about how I imagined my life with a house full of children...and wondering how that would all play out.  Now I am learning...it happens one by one.  (Well, theoretically. :)We cannot plan or know the exact timing, but God's writing promises to be perfect.  And I know most of my friends with multiple children will be at the ready to tell me to get prepared for this to rock my world....and while I'm sure it will, I look towards it with joy and faith in the Father to lead and carry me through.  He has definitely done that this past year, which has been filled with plenty of difficult moments.  No matter how crazy it gets or how many tears it sometimes takes to get through, these are the days and the years I will look back on and treasure for the rest of my life.  I'm sure I'll stand amazed at how the Lord walked us through.  Being a parent is certainly no small responsibility.  But it is most definitely one that I choose to treasure...and I seek to honor with my whole heart.  I know Kevin feels the same.

So tomorrow we go to our first Dr.'s appt. for this second precious child of ours...one whom I love so dearly already.  We are REALLY excited about the appt., as it definitely makes it all feel more real.  Well, that and the 24hr. a day nauseousness that has plagued me since 5 weeks.  Whew.  It's funny how I'm already saying, "I don't remember it being this bad."  That and the fatigue have definitely hit me with some serious strength!  We are 9 weeks along, and according to my calculations I'm due around April 5th, though I realize when we go to the doctor they might change that up a little bit because of some of our details in trying.  (The doctor did change this to April 11...making us 8 weeks when I wrote this) I'm so looking forward to having a Spring baby, while I'm also planning to treasure these next several months when it remains just Kevin, Selah, and me.  She is absolutely lighting up our world more and more each day.  So crazy how that can happen...as she's had me in 'overwhelmed with joy' tears since her first breath.  Even that day I said to Kevin, "I can't wait to do this again!"  Now we are prayerfully going to get that experience!

So that is the start of the story of Baby Love #2.  One other fun detail with this sweet one is that we are going to find out what we're having...yay!  We did love the surprise with Selah, but we want to experience knowing with this one.  I'll finish by quoting another song I'm pretty sure we sang that night at my brother's church..."Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the earth hear his voice; praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the people rejoice.  Oh come to the Father through Jesus the Son, and give him the glory great things he hath done."

We are so very thankful and we give God all the glory.  And we would appreciate and be grateful for any prayers you might offer for the health and safety of our little one as he or she grows.  We're having a baby!!!


Blair said...

So happy to hear the news! Congrats Russells!

Callie Nicole said...

This is such a sweet story. What a blessing!