7 and 8 Months

(DISCLAIMER: This post is overloaded with the most random photos, both in quality and theme. The result of a lack of blogging and a lot of practicing my photography!  Lesson learned...blog more! Bear with me...I'm a mess! ;)

Inevitably when you wait a few months to post about the current month details get a little mixed up.  But I'd still like to go back and record what I can remember and the details of Selah's 7th and 8th months!  Those were the months of March and April, and I feel like it was a fairly significant turning point for me and finding my rhythm as a new mom and homemaker.  I'm such a looong transitioner it seems, but at least I'm finally figuring that out about myself!

(This is Chai watching over Selah while she sleeps - he loves his baby girl. Also a peek at the nursery...more to come!)

Kevin thinks it's hilarious that I love her funny faces...but I just love her silly personality!

At 6 months I had said Selah started taking great naps...and she did.  Then the teething monster came to town a couple weeks before 7 months and we had a little bump in the road.  I had started working out consistently at 6 months, and was hoping to be a better blogger.  But without naps...those kinds of things aren't for sure going to happen...if you're me.  It's amazing what can be accomplished during that time if you have it.  We made it through though, and Selah remained her content little self, proud of her latest accomplishment of rolling over.  She rolled all around, discovering all kinds of toys during her daily play times.  She returned to taking two good naps a day.  She also tried her first baby food! 

(Little tip...feeding a baby in a Johnny Jump up is not recommended - ha!)
In March we celebrated my grandmother's and my nephew's 5th birthdays, Selah thoroughly enjoyed her first March Madness...in which her daddy's favorite team, U of K won the whole thing!!  Such an exciting tournament around here.  Kevin and I both enjoy basketball, so it was a fun way to spend our weekends, while also having the added fun of sharing it with our girl! 


(Niece Kaydance LOVES Selah, and is thrilled to be getting a baby sister this summer!!)

(Chase also loves Selah...and turned 5 this year!)

I also made my first quilts that month, one for Selah, and one for the new baby of our sweet photographer friend who took the most amazing pictures at Selah's birth.  I really wanted to do something special for her little one, so I attempted my first real baby quilt!  It was a lot of fun (and work!) to put together and follow the steps to accomplish.  Before that I had made a rag quilt for Selah, as she received one as a gift when she was born and I was motivated to try it myself.  That one was also fun, and even easier than the second one.

(This is quilt #2 - the more complicated of the 2.  I'll post pics of the rag quilt in the 9 month post.)

(Uncle Darin and Selah)

We also celebrated my older brother's birthday, and Selah started waving hi and bye for the first time - first at church when leaving the nursery, then to my brother after we had met him for his birthday lunch.  It was so sweet.  That was March, then came April.

(Braelyn, Jallen, Trace, Selah, and Jaxon - major cousin LOVE.  Yay for another little one joining the family in December!!)

Happy first Easter!
First Easter basket: Under the Nile bunny, Easter Storybook Bible, Easter storybook, stuffed lamb.
We had another fun month, making some new memories.  We celebrated Selah's first Easter, which was sweet.  I love Easter, celebrating the resurrection, and welcoming Spring.  My grandma came to stay with us for a few days, which was quite a treat.  We had fun sewing together, going to JoAnn's and just hearing her amazing stories from the past 86 years.  When we left a trip to JoAnn's, Selah also threw her first mini-fit when I took something away from her in the store that she had grabbed from the cart.  While minor, it was so crazy.  We had finally reached the point where my sweet gal had a pretty strong opinion and wasn't afraid to make it known when she didn't get her way!  Of course we've seen more moments like this since then, but it's so crazy to see it for the first time.  At least at this stage it's quite shortlived even when it does come!

Selah and I also met some of my friends that I used to be in a bible study with for an amazing girls' weekend it Indiana.  It was an absolute blast.  We crafted our little hearts out, and enjoyed some much needed laughter.  Selah was sweet and content, (though not the best sleeper there), and right after we came home from there she started to crawl!  Now that was also quite amazing to see.  As well as the moment where life at home began to look quite different...but fun in a whole new way!

That's a pretty good summary of those months, of course not everything but definitely some highlights!  Those are just the events, though of course I could write a post about my feelings on each...but oh well.  Maybe some day!  Each month brings a new adventure in the first-time mom world.  I am so very thankful for every memory we are blessed to make!

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