Miscellany Monday - 100 days to go!!!

Well, here's to another Monday after another beloved weekend.  I just looked at my baby tracker and it says Baby love has 100 days left to grow!!!  Wow - hopefully in about 100 days our first baby will have his/her birth day!  Crazy!  What a celebration that will be. :)  The countdown is on...the question is, are mommy and daddy ready???  While we will joyfully receive our baby when he/she comes, we are prayerful and thankful that the little one keeps growing in there for quite awhile!  While of course I want the baby to keep getting bigger, I am liking the 25/26 week pregnant belly for me.  Definitely very prego, but doesn't overwhelm me or tip me over just yet.  Ha ha. 

(The coolest thing just happened as I'm writing this!!!  Baby Love, who has been doing all those small kicks and movements below my belly button, just rolled, or slowly swam or waved hello at the very top of my belly - how cool!  I am AMAZED at how much he/she has grown in even a month.  I love this baby and feeling his/her little lively self in there!!!)

So how about some miscellany for this Monday -

1.  Feeling great.  After last week's less than spectacular update about my aches and pains, I'm happy to say I am feeling much better.  I'm taking everything in stride, and overwhelmed with gratitude that the baby is healthy and I've had a healthy pregnancy so far.  I have nothing to complain about.  As long as Baby Love doesn't have to feel mommy's aches and pains, I am perfectly happy with them.  And my ribs and back have had some good days lately!  I haven't gotten sick in several days which is awesome.  I honestly love my pregnant body more than I could have ever imagined.  It just feels different and I love feeling comfortable, purposeful, and just right in my own skin.  (Though I often have these suddenly strong desires to run a marathon once I'm able...hope that feeling remains after the baby comes!! :)

2.  Home sweet home.  My feeling better might have something to do with the fact that Kevin and I were able to go to Indiana to visit my parents for the weekend.  There is definitely no place like home, no matter how old you get, and the last time we were there was New Year's, when we announced we are pregnant!  It's always so nice to experience the love of where you grew up.  My mom is an expert at hospitality, and she and my dad have been working hard on some home improvement projects. My home town is also such a peaceful place to visit because it's right in the middle of farmland and cornfields.  Quiet and beautiful.  I did feel slightly reminiscent about my college days as my parents were also gracious enough to also let us to our laundry there!  Thankfully they have plenty of compassion for log cabin living. :)  It was also awesome to visit my home church and chat about Baby Love with many people who have known me since I was a baby!  Sweet times for sure.

3.  Puppy love.  My sweet dog Chai turned 7 on May 12th!!!  Wow.  According to the vet he's officially a "senior" now.  Crazy...that news wasn't particularly my favorite I must say.  What a journey he and I have been on.  I got him two summers after I graduated from college because I longed to be a mommy and I just didn't know when that would happen.  So I got a puppy to love on and take care of, which actually did turn out to be a great help!  He was so sweet then, and he still is so sweet now.  He's also the most adaptable dog ever, seeing as how he has lived with me in a total of 7 different places since I've had him!  Wow.  I'm sure I have such a love for him because he's been right by my side through some tough and wonderful transitions.  He is definitely my furry first baby. :)  What's funny now is that I realize I've used my mommy voice to talk to him all these years...so when I talk to my baby belly in that voice his head turns quickly!  Looks like some fun times are ahead as we work on fur baby and real baby sibling bonding in the near future!!

4.  Nursery art.  I have made one piece of artwork for the nursery so far, and it's gotten me very excited to work on some other things!  The funny thing is how indecisive I've been about the nursery and we don't even have one to decorate yet!  My random obsessions are so weird. There are two totally different color schemes I love, though I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the original plan.  I did just realize that because we will probably be renting a house, I most likely won't be able to paint the walls.  Which is just fine because this is real life and not a design show.  And we'll just be happy to have a place!  I do love to look at Etsy for artwork - what are your favorite Etsy shops for nursery art/decorations??

5.  Prayer for Joplin, MO.  My heart broke for the people of Joplin this morning when I heard about the tornado they endured over the weekend.  Apparently 85% of the small town was leveled and many people were killed in this tragedy.  I can't imagine how scary that must have been...as even last night we had a powerful storm here and iI have a special place in my heart for this town because I spent a summer living there at Ozark Christian College as an intern for Christ in Youth, (C.I.Y.), the summer before my senior year in college.  I also attended C.I.Y., a week long event for high schoolers, all 4 years of high school with my youth group.  We made great memories and experienced life changing moments with God on those trips.  When I was an intern I worked with amazing people and it was an incredible summer.  God is powerfully moving in that town through the people He is equipping and working through in that place.  Please join me in lifting them up in prayer, that they might find healing, comfort, peace in the midst of a horrifying reality, and the resources needed for rebuilding their lives.  I know many people in our country have been affected by recent weather related tragedies, and are all in need of powerful prayer and help from the rest of us.

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed."  Psalm 34:18

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Wonderful Wednesday

See, I knew things would start looking up quickly!  Today I had quite the 'duh' moment when my one and only 10 yr old student was quite pleasant during school, and miraculously I was able to much better handle my physical aches.  Hmmm....could the little Mr. Not-so-respectful have had anything to do with my emotional fall out yesterday?!  Amazing how kids can have that effect.  Just remember this little occurrence in several months when I'm all over the place emotionally once again!!! :)

Let's catch up on little baby wonderful, shall we??? 

How far along?  25 weeks today!  Who can even believe it?!  Well, it has been quite the crazy 6 months for me, but it is all of a sudden racing by.  I often get a crazy adrenaline rush that feels like the night before Christmas!  I'm sure that will only continue to increase.  I find myself dreaming and praying a lot about the moment Kevin and I meet this sweet gift.  Apparently baby's size is that of a large rutabaga.  Um, raise your hand if you know what a rutabaga looks like!?  That's what I thought. ;)

Movement:  Two words for little Love: DANCE PARTY!  The little one is having quite the fun time in there, especially when worship music that I'm singing is involved, when I'm sitting quietly in the afternoon, or when Daddy is talking.  The afternoons have been quite active.  So sweet.  This week he/she has decided that lunch is not the favorite meal.  I have thrown up the last two days immediately after I've eaten anything!!!  Violently, I might add.  Ugh.  My back is toast at this point.  But at least today I can totally laugh at the craziness.   And I just love rubbing my big belly and seeing it move.

Maternity clothes:  Love them.  Comfy, comfy - and finally...clothes made to fit me!  What an idea.  (Or maybe now it all just works because my front goes with the back - ha ha).  Shockingly, cheap clothes from Old Navy are my favorite and fit the best.  Perfect for a girl who hates to spend money and doesn't have much to spend!  I only bought a handful of things for our trip to Florida, and if the sun would come back out around here I would greatly enjoy wearing them again.  And again and again...because I'm not buying a new wardrobe.  So far my prediction of enjoying the summer sun while pregnant in maternity dresses/skirts is coming true.  Ask me again at the end of July. ;)

Names:  I mentioned quite awhile ago that we had decided on names and they are staying strong.  I never in a million years thought that I, Miss Indecisive herself, would ever be able to choose a baby name by the birth day!!  Yet God has an amazing way of answering prayer and providing direction and peace.  We are super excited about either!  Speaking of which...

Gender:  Still not finding out...though I've had some moments thinking I'd go crazy from not knowing. We're so close now that I don't even want to spoil the surprise.  I have come a long way with all that and no longer have an ultra sensitivity to people having strong opinions about what the baby is.  Everyone has a 50/50 chance and noone knows, so it doesn't bother me.  It takes me awhile to come around with this stuff.  I am a slooow transitioner into new phases of life and get overwhelmed easily.  I am super sure God is pleased with His choice, and I of course already am too!

Nauseousness/Cravings:  I don't think you need any more details about my inability to keep food down very easily.  But the nauseousness usually just comes in the morning or afternoon if I wait too long to eat or am too hungry.  It's all so on and off again that I'm done with the analyzing.  It is what it is and I'll take it!  As far as cravings, they are totally week to week....hummus and pita bread, fig newtons, corn, tart frozen yogurt, Life cereal, MILK...all seemingly unpredictable and ever changing.  I tire of things easily I think.  And I still don't have an insatiable appetite...more heartburn and indigestion than anything else.  But I am gaining enough weight, so that's good.

Marriage moments:  I'm going to write a whole post about our sweet babymoon and include all our fun beach pics.  Then I'll tell you the bliss that occurred during that week and a half, and how it was the sweetest time ever for Kevin and I.  We squeezed the joy out of every second and every drop of sun.  I have longed for it ever since I've been home.  We saw the sunset on the beach 8 days in a row.  JOY.  The last couple of weeks have been admittedly exhausting as I've been sick and we've been readjusting to real life and work...and the log cabin.  "Thank you Lord for your amazing provision of this cute place...but we are boldly asking for a place of our own soon."  We are so ready.  I don't know if I've mentioned it, (or if it's really necessary), but we don't have an oven, a full size fridge, or a washer and dryer here.  It has all worked out just fine and I know we have more than enough and so much to be thankful for.  But mommy and daddy are both starting to get a little antsy about finding a home to prepare for Baby Love.  A practice of patience and trust that I know will pay off.  My Father will provide, as He always does.

Registry progress:  Really coming along actually!  Thank you so much for your advice in one of my last few posts - very helpful.  Since then I purchased and read Baby Bargains and have been researching my guts out - so much so that I'm ashamed to say it's kind of been the subject of my dreams several nights!  But I'm starting to feel excited about my choices!!  And I have two lists going - the super duper actual wish list, and the "back to reality/what we can afford back-up" list.  We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out!

Other than that, I'll see about getting some updated belly pics on here tomorrow.  I totally just tried to take one of myself...did not work out so well.  Ha ha.  Sorry for the wordy, wordy brown and white.  Just keeping it real.


The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

My grandma called to check on me today and said she "missed me," which translates into also missing my life through this blog!  Sorry Grandma.  :)  I have been slacking and I'm aware...I'm SUCH a procrastinator when I get overwhelmed.  Speaking of which...

I listen to this song at least twice a day lately.  Emotionally, physically, mentally I am so in need of Him - at times it seems like now more than ever.  I truly want to stay so positive during this pregnancy...because I am so humbled and so grateful.  But it has been pretty rough physically lately.  I've been fighting yet another cough, and between that and the occasional/semi-regular throwing up, plus my short waisted self, my ribs and back muscles are crying out for mercy.  (Which I'm pretty sure will come with sweet Baby Love :)  I'm learning a whole new respect and compassion for anyone who's in any sort of chronic pain...I know many people deal with so much worse and I should keep my complaining to myself.  On weak days it really can get to my emotions, and today I finally broke down and told Kevin that I just need to have a bad day.  So I did.  I felt like God was inviting me to be honest so He could embrace me there.  This past Sunday a sweet friend at church, (who's birthed 8 children and adopted 5!!!), encouraged me by explaining the time of pregnancy and everything that goes with it as continuously bringing your body and placing it on the altar for the Lord and what He is doing.  I love that.  What a good God...and I do surrender all of this to Him.  How gracious He is for knitting together such a beautiful work in me.  And how awesome is it that the little one just keeps kicking and flipping away in there, happy with the dark chocolate m&m's that mommy can keep down. :)

So there you have it.  Today I admit this has been hard for me.  Yet oh so wonderful and I love it so much all at the same time.  A fascinating and fabulous experience.  In just a few months I pray my aches and pains will be a distant memory...as I live my dream of holding my sweet precious baby in my arms.  I'm SO excited about that moment!!!


Back from the Babymoon and a Special "Birthday"

We are back from the best babymoon ever!!!!  Kevin and I had the most wonderful, incredible, special 10 days...and honestly, it is sooo hard to be back today after flying in late last night.  Reality is a difficult but necessary adjustment.  We experienced God so much on this trip, and were just overwhelmed with His goodness and mercies.  I'm in a little shock with the cool KY weather as we just spent 8 of the last 10 days enjoying the beauty of the beach.  God is so alive to me through the ocean He created.  We had some great worship times there.  (And by that I mean literal singing on the sand and in the sea - loved it!!!)  We also played in the waves, killed our frisbee record, explored the city, read a lot, talked even more, and shared great food.  Once I download the pics I'll share some of our fun memories.  So good to get away with the man of my dreams and focus on each other so much before the family fun begins!!!

Speaking of Baby Love, I am IN LOVE with him or her for sure! I can honestly say that I dream of and get super and equally excited about either a firstborn son or daughter. God has always known and I trust Him. For some reason I am finding I have a bit of an aversion to others having a definitive perspective on what gender the baby's going to be. I guess it just feels so weird...but I am learning to be graceful.

It is awesome that our sweet little one is on the move so much now...and it is helping me to feel like I'm really getting to know and bond with the baby, which melts my heart.  Baby Love got so excited every single time we sat by the ocean.  A heart like his/her mom (and dad!) for sure!  The placenta must not be in the front (I read that somewhere), because several times this week we could watch my belly and see it bounce or one area move from a kick!  It is so awesome...I laughed whenever I was reading a book and propping it on my belly and the book would move from the baby's movement.  Cute!  I have all kinds of beach belly pics and prego updates...but maybe tomorrow...because today...

is the CELEBRATION of the day I became baptized and born again 20 years ago!!!  I was 10 years old and it was so special.  I remember very clearly being desperate and so ready to surrender my heart and life to Jesus and proclaim my devotion to him!  I'm pretty sure the congregation sang the old hymn, "I have decided to follow Jesus...no turning back...." as I was raised by my dad out of the water - the old was washed away and I was born brand new.  And my life has never been the same.  I would be nothing without my relationship with Jesus and my Creator.  My devotion to Him is deeper now than it has ever been, and I long for everyone to know and experience the joy and hope of seeking after him and being excited about the promise of eternal life!!!  Heaven is going to be something special my friends.  A joy inexpressible.  We are so loved!  I was certainly reminded of that this week as I reflected on how high and wide and vast is the Father's power and His love for me.  He has sought me, carried me, taught me, led me, held me, picked me up, forgiven me, pursued me, and embraced me...through great times and dark times. I rejoice in such an undeserved gift as my Savior. This is the crazy joy I write about. This morning I rocked it out on my way to work by worshiping to the Passion 2011 worship cd that my brother graciously shared with me. It's awesome. The following is a powerful song to play and sing loud and strong at some point today. I pray you are feeling Him carry and pursue you today. Run to Him, fall crazy in love, and never turn back!

Happy Thursday friends...you are loved!!!