What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I'm loving...

1. That I took a nap today when this sweet girl did.  Great choice.  Too bad that was the last nap of a semi-fussy day! (For both of us - ha :)

2. That the same sweet girl was so tired that she fell asleep like this during dinner.  So cute!

3. Purple toes.  Um, maybe.  Actually the longer I have them the more I like them.  But in the picture I'm not so sure.  Ha. Can you tell I'm in the middle of an identity crisis?!  Last night I had a little mommy break in the way of a pedicure.  It was the most wonderful hour ever - I go to a place that does the most amazing job, lasts 45 min. to an hour, and costs $25!!  Joy.  Not to mention Kevin recently found an old gift certificate of mine that had $15 dollars left - the other $10 was money well spent.  Sometimes you just need to sit in a massage chair, close your eyes and get some pampering.  I'm usually a  bright pink girl through and through, except for the occasional red.  Until last night.  The choice to go purple for my rather untrendy self??  Myabe a little weird.  I guess it's better than dying my hair black!

4.  Jamie Grace.  The first time we heard her now popular song, "Hold Me" was in Naples on our babymoon in April.  (Now that was some bliss!)  Great music for the sunshine.  She writes some other happy songs too - something Selah and I can certainly dance to.  Like this one.

5.  This girl and the awesome walks we've taken the last few days in the beautiful Fall weather. 

(See how it pays to make friends with the pool ladies before you have your baby...we were gifted this cute knit hat on our walk!  Oh, and she's smiling because on this particular day I was talking to her about chlorophyll and why the leaves and seasons change.  The joys of having a teacher as a mom! ;)

6.  Cloth diapers.  For real.  I've never been a shoe girl, or even a shopping girl.  But shopping for your daughter is a whole new kind of wonderful.  And the cloth diaper world is turning out to be quite a fun one to be a part of.  Who would have thought?!  Several weeks ago I told Kevin I felt like I was playing house.  (He was quick to remind me this in fact is real life:)  So I guess I'm reminded of being a little girl when dressing up my babies in anything was fun!  I started working on my first cloth diaper post today, so details of what's working for us are coming.  I mean just look - isn't this cute!?

7.  This awesome post from "It's Almost Naptime" that my blog friend Ashleigh encouraged me with today.  Just what I needed hear.  Oh, the mommyhood.  What an adventure of beautiful exhaustion!  I love that the writer of this particular post reminds us that the perfect people who make us crazy don't really exist.  So glad I'm not alone in my craziness.

8.  The fact that Part 1 of Selah's birth story is written!!  Coming at you tomorrow.  Guess I better get part 2 finished so I don't leave you hanging for 2 more months!

Hope you had a great Wednesday!


Melanie said...

Selah is such a doll! Love that adorable knit hat you were gifted..nice!!

Tiffany said...

Selah's smile is so precious. Love that pic! And those cloth diapers are so stinkin' cute! Ha. : )

Lovin' the purple toes too!