Song for the Sabbath - "Selah" Style

My sweet girl and I had a little worship session to some "Selah" music this morning.  I've always loved their music, and I'm thinking they were probably my first experience with seeing Selah used as a name several years ago, though the inspiration for using it for our daughter came much later.  (And I will be sharing the rest of those details this week!)  I almost used their version of a song that I posted early in our pregnancy and right after we'd decided on names, but Kevin said it might be too much of a hint. :)  I listened to their hymn cd a lot throughout my pregnancy, especially that incredible version of "I Need Thee Every Hour."  Wow.  Having a great love of music, I love that our little one shares her name with a group that sings such powerful, beautiful songs of worship.  Hopefully she will love it some day as well.  This song was an especially powerful one during my labor and after delivering my own special Selah.  Have a beautiful, restful Sabbath!


Melanie said...

Beautiful!! :-)

Nicole said...

Their version of a few hymns have such special places in my heart. I can't wait to hear her name story!