My 1 Month Old and a Pinterest Project!!

Well hello - can you believe I have a one month old little girl?!  I have honestly tried to squeeze every moment out of every day, so it doesn't quite feel like it's gone in a blink...but it definitely has gone by fast!  Little miss sweet Selah is just pure delight!  And how much fun that she found her voice and started noticing the world around her between 2 and 3 weeks!  So cute to see her start noticing everything, and finding joy in her discoveries.  I know that's why every age and stage will be special in its own way.  Because while I loved the super sleepy, squishy, and quiet first days, I'm also loving the ones that are more lively and filled with personality.  The sleep is less, (for both of us I think!), but the smiles and coos are more.  So sweet.  Selah is a happy little baby, seemingly filled with sunshine.  Don't get me wrong...underfeed the poor girl and she'll let you know how she feels with a wide mouth and a red face!  I prayed so often during pregnancy for my sweet one to be filled with the spirit and to be filled with the fruit of the spirit.  So when she's joyful I often reflect on those prayers and praise the Lord.

The further I get from them, the more I appreciate those first couple weeks...when recovery demands rest and there is zero pressure (for me at least!)  to address anything else that might need to be done.  I don't know how often I put her down, but it sure wasn't much.  So worth waiting for and I just can't ever get enough.  This past week those mothering/domesticated instincts kick in...for me.  And during those precious, priceless naptime hours I have to become a master prioritizer.  Do I do the things I need or want to do...sleep, exercise, eat, craft, journal...or do I address what needs to be done...dishes, laundry, the nursery, cleaning.  A choice always has to be made.  (Looks like blogging won a few minutes of this one!) And sometimes the best choice is to watch my baby sleep or hold her during the nap!  I love those times...and know I will miss them more than anything else I could be doing!!

Bath #2 was much happier than the first!

We are figuring it out little by little, and dare I say we at times have a bit of a routine.  A couple days she has taken a morning and afternoon nap and we've had some fun during "play time."  The last two nights she has slept in shorter spurts but has been able to go back to sleep with just me feeding her (without having to supplement)...which is awesome!  It makes the feedings seem much more peaceful and go more smoothly, so I am thankful for that.  I'm staring at her sleeping now and she's just so wonderful.  What a joy.  She doesn't even cry when she needs to get up at night.  She grunts.  No kidding.  It's the cutest thing ever.  Now, she does cry when we change her diaper and start to take to long! :)  Soon I'm going to post about some of my favorites that have worked great for her, AND my thoughts on cloth diapering!!  I have partially done some form of cloth diapering since the beginning...and I love it.  But of course I have my ever forming opinions!!

OH, and we took our first venture out the other day - it was hilarious.  I was such a typical first time mom, sweating at the thought of her waking up and screaming in Target or Michael's.  I even did RETURNS at Target no less.  Yikes.  And did you know the carts in Michael's are miniature??  No baby carrier is fitting in that thing!  That was definitely a workout. She was a champ though.  And I also managed without a major meltdown, so yay me too. Ha.  I should also clarify after my last post that I have managed to take a shower at some point every day and I wash my hair every other.  Please always keep in mind that I tend toward the dramatic.  (Like I need to tell you this!)  So while the hygiene is hard to come by, I do make it happen!! ;)

Okay, now for the fun...my first Pinterest project!!  I love that the gals over at Lemon Tree Creations are hosting a Pinterest Project linky party and I've been excited all week to post mine.  I love Pinterest so much because I'm so visual...so now I complete projects because I have them organized in one place and I don't forget about them.  I know everyone has seen and delighted in that awesome melted crayon art...so I made my own!  And I am loving it...can't wait to put it up in the nursery of my sweet girl.  I added some lyrics from John Mayer's song about fathers and daughers.  This was so much fun to make - seriously try it!  Just know that the closer you hold the dryer to the crayons, the further down it drips...or so I found.  Here's the link to the crayon project I pinned.  And here's the link to my boards.  Happy pinning!


Caitlin said...

Little Selah is absolutely adorable.
I'm not sure if I have commented before, but I'm a new follower!
Did you free hand the quote on the bottom of your crayon art?? It is so cute!

Patrice said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the quote you chose as well! Thanks for linking up today! I will be adding you to our inspiration post this afternoon :)

Patrice said...

And can I just say I also have a new born, 2 weeks, and time goes WAY TO QUICKLY! I keep up with that side of life on my family blog, little burlew!

Page said...

Hey Patrice! I tried to comment on your blog, but sometimes blogger won't let me comment on certain blogs...weird - I need to figure that out. :) Anyway, thank you for kind words and for posting it on LTC! Congrats on Abbott - I just LOVE his name and he is so unbelievably cute. Same with Laurelei - beautiful family! Reading your post already makes me feel like my baby girl is so big! Crazy! She also is a lazy eater, gets the hiccups, and loves the swaddling. Newborn world is definitely a special time - enjoy!

Tiffany said...

Page, I just love reading about your new mommy adventures! So exciting. Selah is a beautiful baby.

And your project turned out beautifully! I love the quote at the bottom. So fun and personal for your girl! : ) Thanks for sharing it with our readers!

Lisa said...

Happy ONE MONTH, Selah!! God is good!
I really love that pinterest project! It looks so great!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, the crayon art is so cool! Love it. Selah is so precious!

cait said...

Aw I so love all the pictures of Selah! Like I had any doubt whatsoever...but you are such a wonderful mom! I can't wait to hear those tips on what's working! I think so much of the fun/and hard work of things will be getting to know our little one's personality and making things work according to that. You seem to be doing such a great job with that!

Love, love that Pinterest art too! The quote is such a great touch! What a great piece of art that will work with her no matter what age she is!

have a super weekend friend!

Living day by day for Jesus said...

Paige, I am a friend of Darin's and you are so inspiring! Love your heart and your board! Your baby girl is pretty amazing too! Many blessings!

Shirley said...

I LOVE it!! someday I'll do it!! For real!! :D

Thanks for sharing it!


danielle said...

love the picture you made! your family is adorable - i so look forward to catching up sometime soon and hearing what is going on in your world :)