You Might Be a New Mom If...

- A "good day" means you took a shower AND put on makeup.  (Hair washing = REALLY good day - a.k.a. husband is home. :)

- When you took that shower it was the fastest one of your life and there's a baby in her rock n play in the bathroom...and you're praying she doesn't wake up yet!

- The glider is your new best friend.

- You listen to Praise Baby because it's calming to YOU.

- When the baby does go to sleep you find yourself SPEED WALKING from one end of the house to the other trying to get stuff done.  (Then yes, your body has something to say about moving that fast!)

-  When you sit down to feed the sweet baby you run through the list in your mind...did I eat?  Did I shower? Does the dog need to go out?  How many dirty/wet diapers has she had today?  Who have I yet again forgot to call/email/facebook back?  Do I have anything non-maternity to wear in public...that actually fits?!  Oh, and how IS my husband today??

- When you do get a chance to eat dinner with your husband while the baby's sleeping, you have to discipline yourself not to talk about breastfeeding or that precious and beautiful baby.  Seriously, what did we used to talk about?!

- You hope no one spontaneously comes to the door...because 9 out of 10 times there's a good chance you're not fully clothed.

-  You think watching a new little human sleep to be the most beautiful, blissful thing in the world.

- When your husband takes you to the doctor's office those first couple weeks you get "dressed up."  And when you leave you desperately think of where else you could go to feel like a functioning member of society again.

- Your iphone has at least a hundred pictures of the most beautiful sleeping baby on it.

- You cry at all the Pampers commercials.  Yes, a baby changes everything. :)

- You get a random headache in the middle of the day and ask yourself, "Why am I so tired?"

- You have to tell yourself that one day you do have to return to the front seat and sit next to your husband in the car.

- You've never prayed harder in your entire life.

- When you ask your husband to please get you some breast pads, he responds with, "Oh, are those what I find lying around everywhere?"  (First week stuff of course :)

- If you had to choose one toiletry item to take with you somewhere...it would be medela lanolin.

- You realize that the moms who are getting a whole lot done are the ones who one day decided they could live on a whole lot less sleep.  (I'm not quite there yet ;)

- You finally grasp the meaning of being thankful in all circumstances...because it is an absolute privilege to endure and adjust to whatever necessary in honor of the amazing little life you've been entrusted with. 

- If you're like me, you wake up each day feeling like you just landed your dream job...and the longevity is prayerfully promising.

- You wouldn't change a thing.

I'm a new mom...and I'm loving it. :)


Melanie said...

I LOVE your post Page!!! Everything you said is so true..especially sitting together in the front seat of the car! Sadly..someone still is always riding in the back with Makayla when we go places!! I love being a mommy too..its the best job in the world! Your little girl is adorable..loved the pictures!!!!

Kris said...

Congrats on your little sweet girl...Take all those moments to heart my friend, one day she will be almost 7 and your wondering where time has went...blessings, K

Nicole said...

Precious. So many fun changes!

Rausch family blog said...

you said it girlfriend! she is precious! btw, we have so many breast pads lying around our house, we could use them for coasters...and jack is 2 months old!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness! SO true! Glad to hear you're loving it though! I'm sure you're doing an AMAZING job! keep up the good work! You're doing the most important job in the world! Training the next generation to follow in HIS footsteps! Keep it up! Praying for you!

Rachel and John said...

I agree with most of those! I however never stopped showering. I was always so covered in breast milk and spit up that I NEEDED to shower...and wash my hair. Henry would just hang out in his bouncy chair. Sometimes I would have to step out of the shower to put his pacifier back in. But I think he liked the sound of the water because he was always happy in the bathroom!

Meagan Claypool said...

Paige, oh my gosh, this is cracking me up!!! SO very true. I love the one about getting dresses up and then wanting to go some where AND when people come to the door. Hahaha. Ruby Kate is 5 1/2 weeks and I am STILL trying to get down a routine..... But it's all worth it. :)

Jen Terry said...

So true Page! Especially about never praying harder and crying at the Pampers comercials... I cry at everything now! So happy for you!

Venessa said...

love love love this! She is just precious!

rockoutwithourcoxout said...

hey Page! I wanted to let you know that I also had a hard time with mild production. I ended up nursing and supplementing as well for months. Call if you need to chat.
513 290 0345

Lori said...

beautiful post as always, Page. you have such a gift! I, too, cry at those Pampers commercials!