"Extra Recess"

So what does a pregnant lady do when she's overdue??  She embraces what I'm affectionately referring to as "extra recess."  While I know meeting this little baby will be more fun than I can imagine, I am definitely choosing to make the most of this "overtime" Kevin and I are sharing.  As two people who tend to have plenty to do last minute, (I'm trying not to call us procrastinators:), a few or more extra days doesn't hurt.  Also, while many of you might start telling me to walk like crazy, unfortunately my first injury of the pregnancy just came on a few days ago...the ball of my foot throbs pretty excruciatingly when I walk on it.  Probably the result of carrying around an extra 25 or so pounds and wearing sandals with horrible support all summer.  Anyway, walking isn't currently easy.  But here's a list of some other fun ways we're spending on time waiting on God's exciting and perfect timing:

* Enjoying a "date-a-day" with Kevin, eating at our favorite places and getting out and about.  So far we've had an amazing dinner, an awesome breakfast, and a dessert night.  We are trying to plan some other favorites for each day...a pre-baby bucket list...we'll see how far we get. :)

* Lots of pre-baby pool time for the pregnant lady.  SO.MUCH.FUN.  All summer I've embraced the peaceful times I've spent reflecting, reading, and praying while floating in the pool.  I just love being in the water.  Kevin and I had it all to ourselves for about an hour and a half tonight while the sun was going down.  I hated to even get out.  We have made many fun memories the last couple summers enjoying great talks and swimming together in the pool.  Also, I haven't exactly mentioned that the place we just moved to is a patio home community...a.k.a...the average age of the residents is probably older than our parents. :)  But let me tell you, that makes for some FUN conversation with the afternoon ladies.  I was blessed to hear some great stories yesterday, including the tales of the dancing they do often with their hubbies...the waltz and polka...LOVE IT.  So sweet.  And of course they are so excited about the baby...they especially loved that I was taking it easy for a few hours at the pool when I could be having a baby at any moment.

*A trip to the mall - I'm having that last minute anxiety over wondering if I have just the right outfit for a boy or girl - so silly, I know.  Another result of not knowing what this sweet one is and freaking out about not being prepared.  At least I know I'm acting crazy.  And we did not buy anything...but it was therapeutic to look.

*Catching up on all the new mommy reading I haven't yet finished in all my preparations.

*Reading non-'new mommy' books...like "One Thousand Gifts."  I've had it all summer, but have yet to finish it.  Such an amazing book to draw you to live in gratitude as a first resonse.  I know it's well known in the blog world, I've just been slow going in getting it read!

*Replenishing my makeup and maybe throwing in a new sparkly illuminating powder from Sephora...to try to stretch the prego glow to new baby days.  Ha ha.

*Praying, praying, praying and journaling.  I am daily surrendering my fears, praying for courage and peace, praying through some powerful scriptures, and praising God for this amazing time leading up to holding my little one.

*Sharing some sweet conversations with my husband about the 3 yrs. we've enjoyed leading to this special new time, and talking about our hopes and prayers for our marriage and family.  And dreaming about who God has created this little one to be...so exciting!!!

*Resting at home, enjoying the quiet, and icing my foot. :)  Also spending time in the nursery getting excited and thinking about my future plans for it...and being patient with myself.  I've also managed to squeeze a couple loads of laundry here and there.  Notice my "nesting" doesn't exactly have me running for the dust bunnies!

Who knows what tonight or tomorrow will bring?!  Until then, we'll just keep living to the full our last days before being parents FOREVER.  Can you tell transitions are a big deal to me?!  ha.  Such an adrenaline rush of trust...exciting!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, this will be the most exciting time of your life if you ask me! SO MUCH FUN!!! Avery was 1 week late and the waiting was so much fun! I love the anticipation of big events so much that I was just living it up just as it sounds like you and Kevin are doing right now! : )

How fun! Such fun memories you are making that you will share with your little one someday! Enjoy.

Can't wait to hear the news...