Random Thursday Thoughts

I just can't seem to stop posting this week.  Ha.  See, when I come back, I come back strong.  :)  It must be that nesting energy...hopefully not that "about to go into labor" turbo energy I hear about.  Although my heart does beat way faster at the thought that we only have about 7 weeks left until our lives are changed for the better forever!  Less than 50 days!  My momminess instincts are getting intense.  I can tell he or she is growing like crazy in there by the different places I'm starting to feel the movements.  And I've got a strong one on my hands.  It's not uncommon for me to find myself saying a random "Ouch!" when the little one really gets going.  Just this morning it started to feel like a little certain someone is creeping those little feet up towards my ribs.  Aren't you just dying to know what this little one will look like?!  I sure am...last night my baby dreams picked up speed.  I can hardly wait to see what they're like even closer!  So how about a current belly pic??

So here I am today...33 weeks and 1 day!
One thing that hasn't changed is my egg shaped belly - it's been that way since the beginning and I think it's funny! I seriously love feeling like a mom in my pregnant body. I'm actually starting to feel like I'll miss it! The little one is just so transportable and the dresses are cute. Ha ha. And despite the heat, I am loving having a summer baby. Barefoot and pregnant for sure.

Last night I was once again watching YouTube videos of different cloth diaper reviews, and the g diaper newborn video totally made me cry!  She had a brand new baby on there and it made me long to hold my own.  I have held so many babies over the years and always dreamed and prayed one day I'd get to have my own.  The reality of it is truly overwhelming and shocking to me now.  My heart is overflowing with gratitude...I can't wait to snuggle little Baby Love and cry tears of joy over him or her.  A real life dream come true.  I'm sitting here crying just writing this!

Okay, okay, enough words - more pics!  I really haven't done a fabulous job of keeping up to date with my baby belly on here.  So in the next few days and weeks be sure that you'll probably get bombarded!  I need to tell the whole story before little sweet one comes!

This is Kevin holding up the list we used to fill our "10 day emergency baby tub."  Sometimes I think the nesting is hitting Kevin harder than me!

This is my older brother and I in Cincinnati last week for the North American Christian Convention.  He is in Peru (South America) right now leading a mission's trip.  It sounds like the driving up mountains is quite dangerous there, (based on his experience last year!), so please pray for his safety!  And of course please pray for God to work in amazing ways while they're there!  He's an amazing brother and an awesome friend.

This is Kevin and I at my grandma's for the 4th of July.  31 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.  It was HOT.

My sweet grandma and I on the 4th of July.  I had actually spent about 4 days before with her as she was in the hospital for fatigue and chest pains.  Praise the Lord she is recovering and doing better!  I once again entertained her with my insistence on sewing something with her while I was there.  Speaking of which...

These are the bibs and one burp cloth I've made so far.  I still have one bib left in progress.  And to all those wondering...I will definitely be adding plenty of pink in the mix if it's a girl.  I'm just choosing to stick with bright,cheery, and safe...completely neutral until I know for sure!

These are some of the cute clothes I got at my first shower - see, neutral can be very cute!! :) The red onesie on the right says, "mommy's little alarm clock." The bib in the middle says, "Star of Mommy's Blog." That will be true for sure.  Love it!

This is a picture of my parents and I at about week 30.  Yes, my dad is trying to be quite funny.  Ha ha.

And of course I can't leave my little bro out - he has 2 sweet kids of his own and is excited
for me to join the club!

This was at 29 weeks - Kevin and I were housesitting and there's a putting green practically in the back yard.  He was hitting some golf balls and the sky was awesome that night!

This pic is at the baby shower my friend Staci threw for me in my hometown this past weekend.  32 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.  It was an awesome shower and a beautiful morning!  The top pic is of my sister-in-law and niece, and the bottom is of childhood friends and my high school youth minister's wife.  (Now also a friend! :)

Finally, here's one more pic that proves how very different a pregnant person can look depending on what they're wearing!  Moral of the story - maternity clothes fit and flatter much better!

See, now you have proof that I'm as pregnant as ever!  Thanks for your patience with the pics to prove it. :)


Venessa said...

Oh I can not wait for your to hold your baby!!!! It is so exciting and I can not wait to share all these mommy stories that we will have!

Blair said...

Yay for the current belly pics! I haven't seen you in person in forever, so I'm glad I can picture you pregnant. Sounds like you guys are doing well. Can't wait to meet your little one soon...

Carl, Francie and Mallory said...

so cute page!! love the 10 day baby tub, enjoy all those little(or big) kicks!!

Ashleigh said...

Please enlighten me. What is the 10 day emergency tub?? Looks great!
Btw you look beautiful!

Kevin said...

You are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!!! So excited to share this adventure with you.

Page said...

Hey Ashleigh! The tub is for if the baby comes and we're still not in our own place. All of our things are still in storage and we won't get to set up/prepare for baby until we get to move. We're hoping this is not the case and we are in a home all ready for the sweet one's arrival! :)

cait said...

you look beautiful!! loved all the pictures. Looks like your summer has been so great! So tell me...where are you finding these great maternity dresses? I feel like I never have luck...but maybe I'm also being a little too tight with money when I do find one that will work well.. ;) Really love that last one!

Lori said...

I am so glad to see you are blogging again - I was missing you! I almost called you this week (but this gal just had to nap when Lucy napped!). :) You are stunningly beautiful ALL the time - but even more so pregnant. You look great! You are all belly though - everywhere else you are tiny!! Cannot wait to hear your birth story - which I really hope you blog! And eventually to meet this lucky baby since he/she will have an amazing Momma! We'll have to get the 2 friends together soon since we didn't get them together in utero. Love you!

Melanie said...

I hadnt looked at your blog in a little while and gosh Page..your almost there!!! Your absolutely GLOWING and your maternity dresses are fab!! LOVED your pictures (the sky in the background in the one was amazing)..can't wait to see what your 'baby love' will be!! Oh and you know..missing being pregnant is normal..I have caught myself more than once missing my preggo self!! But having the little one actually here makes up for that! :-)

Erin A said...

Fun post Page!! You are looking amazing, love all of the belly photos!!

I meant to send you this link the other day after I read your turquoise nursery post, have you seen this one? She ended up having a boy, but it was beautifully neutral!

Also, love all of those neutral little pieces of clothing, so fun!! At my first shower (with Jayce) we had just found out we were having a boy that week, so I received mostly neutral stuff and very little blue. I have been dressing Hannah in those clothes and it is so fun to look back at pictures of Jayce in the exact same clothes and compare them. So fun!

Love your bibs and burp cloths too! Take it easy though, I went on bed rest at 33 weeks and was so bummed that I still had projects that weren't finished. And you won't care about the nursery after the baby is out. But your list of things to do is super cute, really, you'll never stop adding to it, even after he/she arrives. Its so fun to create for your little one. :)

Hope you're enjoying this time! All the best!


Callie Nicole said...

You look great! The last few weeks just fly by - enjoy the time with your little one still in your belly!

Tiffany said...

You are an absolutely adorable and glowing pregnant momma! Love the pics! So fun. Wish I was going through it for the first time again. Oh, how I would love to re-live the past 5 years. Amazing time.

I can't wait to find out what you are having and see pics of that sweet baby! So exciting!!!

Your bibs turned out adorable, by the way! : )