Projects I'm Planning/Working On

I do have a list of sewing/craft projects I have been working on for the baby's room as well.  I have actually completed the bibs and just need to take some photos to share them with you!  Here is the tutorial I used for that as well as some others I plan to use for my other creations.

Baby Bibs
These bibs, from lots of pink here, turned out SO cute!

Fabric covered burp cloths
I have started on one of these, and they are super easy and inexpensive! 
Chickpea Sewing Studio has a great tutorial.

Baby Quilt

I LOVE this baby quilt from Momfetti, and plan to use her pattern to attempt my first quilt!

Fabric covered framed corkboard
fabric covered cork board
I've known I wanted to make framed corkboards for awhile.  I also have a fun idea for using these other places when we have a home.  How Does She offers a great tutorial for these.

Pennant Banner
These are all the rage right now, and I'm happy to jump on the bandwagon.  So cute.  Sandy a la Mode has a good tutorial for this!

Simple Crib Skirt
So far I feel most confident about following Gus and Lula's  tutorial for a crib skirt, as I would like to make a simple, straight skirt for my baby's crib.  I also like KdBuggie's tutorial.  Now, there's always the ridiculously more simple "no sew" method offered by Young House Love!

Dot Mobile
I have loved this mobile for the longest time, and would love to create something like it. Sew She Sews made this and offers a great free tutorial.

Lined Curtains/Drapes
I'm also planning on making long curtains for the baby's room.  (When I get a chance to measure the windows!)  I'm definitely intimidated by this, but will certainly give it a shot.  If I don't use a book I already have, here are some tutorials I've found:
Lined curtains by the Purl bee

Lined Drapes by Seven Layer Studio

Subway Art
Finally, the oh-so popular subway art.  I would love to do something fun with a couple scriptures we pray for our little one.  I love this bright piece and simple tutorial from once upon a {craft} time.


cait said...

thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Theophanie said...

Your nursery is going to be gorgeous!