Nursery Inspirations

Okay, so one thing I have been doing since VERY early on in my pregnancy is incessantly exploring Project Nursery, Ohdeedoh, Etsy, and all shades of turquoise.  This is something you can totally do, with or without the actual nursery to start decorating!

Originally I described my desired style to be colorful/bright, modern, whimsical, and eclectic, yet still classic.  (Is that even possible?? ha)  I began with Robin's Egg Blue as my inspiration wall color, thinking I would accent with white, bright yellow and red for a boy, or white, bright yellow and dark pink for a girl.  That's changed slightly as I've worked on it, first realizing I want to go a bit bolder with the walls in a super wonderful shade of turqoise, and for a boy I think I'll accent with bright yellow, gray, and maybe a touch of orange, while with a girl I'll accent with bright yellow, dark pink, and a touch of gray.  And I still want lots of white in the way of furniture, frames, etc.  I could totally do one of those white rooms with bright accents...but I think it would help to have a great floor for that.  (This is all still in my dreams and saved on my computer, keep in mind. :)  Just ask my husband...I undoubtedly have every paint swatch with every shade of turquoise possible in my possession.  Obviously I'm not a designer - I make these things way too difficult...but paint is hard, right?  Not too dark, not too pastel, not too girly, not too boy, not too blue, not too green - I could drive myself (and my husband) crazy!

Two DIY things I would love to have for sure are a yellow painted dresser with fun knobs and front facing bookshelves.  Love them both.  I also seem to have a fondness for elephants...not as a theme, but as sweet accents.  I think it nicely suits little "baby mine."  Okay, okay, so here are some pics I love to drool over and get inspired from.  We'll just have to wait until we get into that wonderful, more permanent place of ours to see how it all turns out!  (Oh, and I did mention I'm on an incredibly tight budget, right?  What a fun challenge.:)

(First, I love, LOVE this room by Raechel from Finding My Feet, but her little one was in the photo so I'm not posting it on here!)
I also love different elements of these...

(same as above)

Noa's Vintage Modern DYI


Amanda said...

oh wow! i LOVE every single one of these pictures! haha! love the color combos. that is going to be one cute nursery! :)

Heidi said...

Love your color ideas! Can't wait to see your pictues with a baby in them! :-D

Lori said...

I feel so inadequate as a decorator! :P

nadia @ {house thirty-six} said...

Thanks for the link back to my blog. These are all great nurseries. There is so much inspiration on the web. Good luck with your nursery and I'd love to see pictures!