Crazy, Crazy Days

Wow, wow, wow.  If I wanted the most therapeutic few hours of my life I think I would just sit here and write and write until I had covered every last detail of the past several weeks.  (That would of course be if I could remember...yes, pregnant brain has come on strong.)  It's been nothing short of CRAZY.  Seriously, it feels like this baby is racing towards the finish line and I'm along for the ride. :)  One of these days I'll disappear from here again and come back with some baby news!  Let's see, here's a very abbreviated almost 33 weeks preggo update...

*I'm obviously and thankfully getting bigger.  (Baby is growing!)  But not overwhelmingly so.  I have to be honest, I have really felt great physically being pregant, nauseousness aside.  My body has handled it better than I ever could have imagined, and it doesn't feel like it's overtaking me yet.  According to the doctor today, my belly measures right on track with where I'm at, and I've gained about 20 lbs.

*Baby Love's movements are consistent and often predictable.  Like he or she doesn't like to miss anything.  When I wake up in the morning the baby starts moving right after I start talking or saying anything.  So funny and cute.  Little sweet thing also loves to stick that little bottom out and push up against my stomach.  This is the most common move.  Do I have a little hip-hop dancer like mommy (and daddy if he's honest!) on my hands?? Ha ha. :)

*I have still never had any consistent or crazy cravings - no crazy or out of control appetite.  I continue to have a pretty strong aversion to chicken and meat.  Now I'm just trying to eat as healthy as possible and drink lots of water.  Cereal and fruit are still the easiest things for me to eat.

*The emotions are what have attacked me the most.  I think my count of "weeping nights" is up to 3, (maybe 4??)  It's just crazy what my body can do in terms of letting some serious tears flow when my mind, body, and heart just get overwhelmed.  This is where Kevin has shined and our relationship has grown that much sweeter.  (Even if I act a little crazy toward him in the mean time!)

*I've started to get some of those pelvic ligament pains.  Now that will make a person want to gladly exit the little one out of her body!

*Kevin is in full on father mode.  Last night we compiled our "first 5-10 days" emergency tub for the baby...just in case he or she makes an early entrance!  Tonight we started our 7 week childbirth class.  It is definitely great so far, and so worth it.  I am learning so much and feeling more and more confident about the whole experience!

*Good news - prayers have been answered...it sounds like the best case scenario is we could get to move into the place we are going to rent on August 1st!!!  That's like 3 weeks - yay, yay, yay!  Please keep praying this is actually the case.  God is so faithful and we are thankful.  It would be just awesome to have our stuff out of storage and start to get settled for a month before the baby comes!  Just today I think I told Kevin I am now on a "stress high."  Meaning our life circumstances have been so crazy that now instead of feeling burdened I just have to laugh.  What an insanely unpredictable 9 months!!

*There's so much I want to share about what God has been teaching us in so many different ways.  So many parts of scripture have come to life for us lately...for that reason alone I want to up my consistency factor on here so I don't miss a moment of what He has laid on my heart.

*I have been out of town for about 10 days...and I really feel it.  I was so glad to get home yesterday.  It's weird...the further I've gotten in my pregnancy the harder it is for me to be apart from Kevin and Chai.  Just feels like our little family should be together!

Well, I'll stop there, not even taking the time to upload a photo.  So lazy.  So tired.  So HOT.  The heat index or whatever was 115 degrees today.  It has completely wiped me out.  See ya soon with much more.

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Callie Nicole said...

I can't believe you're 33 weeks already! I want to see a belly picture. :-)