Miscellany Monday - Happy 3rd trimester!!!

1. Third trimester.  Well friends, I'm in it to win it...less than 3 months to go until we meet Baby Love!!!  I vascillate between shock, disbelief, and adrenaline rushing excitement!  It took me a long time at the beginning to really jump into all things pregnancy and baby...maybe protecting myself from the possibility that something could go wrong and/or wanting to not lose focus on our marriage before little one arrives.  But after vacation I went into full swing mommy mode!  Registries, research, nursery planning, day dreaming, etc.  Might have a little something to do with the little firework's movements in my ever expanding belly!!  I have been waiting for this since I was an itty bitty myself and I couldn't be more excited!  Whenever I start organizing the baby's new things and stacking his/her new clothes it seriously feels reminiscent of all those years I played "house" and cared for my babies for hours as a little girl.  But this time it's real!  And because I keep promising updated pics, here's a couple from my first super fun baby shower!!!

My super cute new diaper bag!!

My lovely mom - Nana to be!  (This is her 3rd grandbaby)

My lovely friends - thanks girls!!!

2.  Speaking of 3rd trimester....I had my 28 week glucose/blood test Friday.  Someone called from the office and confirmed while I don't have gestational diabetes - (yay!!!), I am in fact anemic!  Not a surprise to me, (or Kevin for that matter), as lately it's felt like all I say is "I'm tired."  I have been much less than productive.  Turns out little Love has been taking all that iron I need.  So I'm officially on a supplement, and hopefully on my way to having more energy.  I guess I'm not surprised because I really don't eat that much meat.  Chicken is less than attractive to me most of the time, and I've never really been a big fan of red meat.  Though Kevin has informed me he will be bringing home steaks tonight!  Ha ha.  I'm very thankful that this has been the first bump in a very healthy pregnancy!

3.  Home sweet home.  We're definitely going to have one...right around the time when the baby comes!  Might sound crazy to most, but to me it's another example of God's perfect timing and knowing what we can handle.  We found an awesome place to rent, but as of right now it won't be available until the first week in September.  I just might be the only woman pregnant in the summer that prays to go late!  (My due date is August 31st)  However, prayer is powerful...so maybe between our families and all you wonderful bloggy friends we can pray that place into availability a bit sooner.  ;)  Honestly, I'm just so thankful that after what will be about 8 or 9 months of nomading it, we will get our stuff out of storage and have a place to call home again!  What a wild ride this has been...and will forever make a GREAT story!

4.  Dog sitting.  This week we get to take a break from the charming yet ovenless/washer-dryerless log cabin as we are house/dog sitting for our friends.  It is a JOY let me tell you.  They have a beautiful home with a cute backyard...and for better or worse, 2 t.v's.  Keep in mind, that's 2 more than Kevin and I have had in a long time.  Last night as I was watching Food Network Star and he was watching the NBA Finals, (it was weird to be home and apart!), I realized how blessed we are to be in the stage of life we are in - living in small spaces without a whole lot of extraneous entertainment apart from each other.  I am sure it has caused us to spend so much more quality time together - and I am thankful for that!

Speaking of dogs, how cute is my God-seeking little fella?! :)

5.  Cloth diapers...I'm diving in.  I wasn't going to go public with my desire to do this in order to avoid the naysayers and scoffers...but the wonderful world-wide blogging world has boosted my confidence and even got me excited about this little (or big!) endeavor I'd like to try.  Kevin has been awesome about saying he will be supportive to try whatever I feel passionate about, and I've told him I don't want to be afraid to do hard things.  We both agree if it doesn't work it doesn't work - but I really want to try.  So I have been doing all kinds of research this weekend and I feel pretty excited about trying a few different kinds.  We definitely want to ease into it, (a.k.a. maybe not start the first few weeks...remember, I don't know exactly what I'm doing! :), and it seems like everyone has to find what works for them through a little trial and error.  I also think I want to try a combination of those with disposable inserts, and those with all-in-one cloth inserts.  The only thing I think I'm pretty for sure about is that I don't want to stuff too many pockets.  So far I'm most excited to try Bum Genius Elemental All in ones, Best Bottoms One Size, Rumparoos G2 One Size, and g diapers.  Any thoughts or opinions??  I have watched several videos, seen some in stores, and read many blogs.  I've never heard anyone not love the Bum Genius ones, but I'm most intrigued by the Best Bottoms and Rumparoos for their user-friendliness, versatility, materials, and leg gussets (good for holding in messes!).  The g diapers (and best bottoms!) sound good for travel or away from home situations.  Please share your opinions!  (but please no scoffing :)
6.  Next on my reading list.  I have great respect for Kelly Minter.  She writes great Bible studies, seems extremely down to earth, and is completely relatable.  She has recently written a book called The Fitting Room, and it's the next thing I want to read this summer.  It's all about putting on the character of Christ.  The ladies in the "bloom" book club on the website (in)courage are studying this book throughout the summer, (though I'm kind of missing that!).  If you're looking for something challenging and inspirational to read, maybe check it out!

7.  Sweet peace in pregnancy.  I am content and determined to savor and enjoy these last few months of pregnancy.  For whatever reason, maybe because I've struggled to be comfortable in my own skin at other times of life, I love having this baby growing inside me.  My pregnant body feels purposeful and it's empowering in crazy ways.  I feel so much freedom in knowing how healthy it is for my body to grow and expand right now.  It is so much fun to feel my sweet Baby Love kicking and flipping and exploring so actively inside me.  While I'm sure it can't compare to holding this baby in my arms, I never want to forget what sweet moments we've shared together while he/she grows inside me.  Even yesterday at church I felt a little emotional during worship when I saw a woman leading who has been pregnant but recently had her baby.  It might sound weird, but it put into perspective for me what it must be like to have such an intimate experience with your baby inside of you where there is not yet separation, then having to trust and release for the rest of your life as your baby grows and isn't always with you.  Very powerful.  Whew...God is going to teach me A LOT through this baby!!!

That's my miscellany for today if you made it through!  Here's to another week of wonderful summer!

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Marcy XOXO said...

Your glowing!!!

Amanda said...

you look beautiful! i love your new diaper bag. :) your dog reading the Word completely melted my heart!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that picture! oh i'm such a dog person. i know nothing about cloth diapers....since i am not yet a momma. but they do seem very appealing financially.

cait said...

Love the bump pictures. So glad you had such a great shower! Yay for 3rd trimester and still feeling well!! Love that Kevin is now going to force you to eat steak! It's funny to see what the hubbies do to "take care" of us in pregnancy. I will be praying, praying, praying for your home situation, of course! God's timing is perfect...which is so wonderful! Yay for diving into cloth diapers. I also just recently decided to try out the disposable inserts as an option. You can find those for about $10 for 100 on Amazon...seems very reasonable to me and a lot less money than disposable diapers! Recently I found the "Flip System" diapers...very similar to bum genius.

Happy Monday! :)

rockoutwithourcoxout said...

Hey Page! Call me about the cloth diaper thing. We did them with our boys.. (more with Carson). (513 290 0345). I have some you might be able to buy much cheaper!!

Nicole said...

I've heard great things about cloth diapers. You'll have to fill us in along the way. :)

Blair said...

You're looking great, Page! So glad to hear things are falling into place for you and Kevin. You've been in my prayers as I know God is preparing ya'll for your life of three. These last few months are gonna fly by...

Melanie said...

You look so great Page!!! Love the diaper bag and the picture of the dog reading the bible..I have one of my cat doing the same thing!!

JERCAR said...

i love cloth diapers for newborns.... not only are they really economical (especially when you have more than one kid) and more environmentally friendly, they look really cute on your baby's bootie! we used fuzzy bunz for the first 6 months for each of our kids and loved them. :) one thing you'll want if you don't have yet is a diaper sprayer that you hook up to the toilet- especially when they start eating solid foods. enjoy the adventure. you look so beautiful, page! :)

Venessa said...

so excited that baby love is almost here! I think of you often and hoping that all is going well!!! I can not wait to see all these ideas you have for baby! PS- the mod podge letters came out really cute! I need to get a picture of them...thanks for the tips!

Ashleigh said...

Excited for you about cloth! Have you seen my blog posts about them?

I hear people like all-in-ones, but I use pockets. Here's why... at night (or anytime I feel there's heavy wetting going on!), I can stuff in an extra insert. You don't have that option with AIOs. You're just SOL. :( And I do have friends that use 2 inserts all the time. Another con - they take longer to dry, which means you need to be on your A game about washing them.

Pockets aren't bad though. But I get what you mean about stuffing them. But really when you are already washing them and then hanging them to try, it's no biggie.

As for g's, we tried them. I liked them at first. I only got them though bc I could register for them from BRU. The smalls were okay. Eventually I needed 2 inserts in there for my baby (who is actually not a heavy wetter btw) bc the diaper couldn't hold all of her pee. And that made it super bulky. I got rid of the mediums altogether. We still have the smalls that I may use for a bit with future babies, but past that size, it just didn't work for us.

Moral of my comment: Maybe get a few brands and types to try to see what you like and what works for you baby! I love BG 4.0s. Absolutely love them. But my neighbor is having leaking issues with them. :( Different diapers work better for different babies.

Callie Nicole said...

You look so great! Congrats on reaching the third trimester, that's so exciting! Good for you for doing cloth diapers - I am tempted to give them a try, but I haven't got the courage up to do it yet.

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

baby showers are so much fun! i tried cloth diapering with our little one but it only lasted a couple of months or so. it was pretty costly at first but i purchased a lot of bumgenius and fuzzibunz diapers. they work great! the only problem is after a while the smell is kind of strong...so it takes some work to get the smell tamed...haha. now we are just using babys r us brand disposable diapers but i know some people really enjoy cloth diapering :) blessings!

Savannah said...

so happy for you and kevin :) sweet baby will be here before you know it! Here you might be having a movie night soon with my mom, wish I could be there! I want to try cloth diapers too! The little girl I nanny for uses g diapers and I liked them at first because they were cute :) but it's pretty much the mess of cloth diapers with the trash & expense with disposable. And now she is starting to eat solids and while they don't "leak" it still goes through the insert almost every time and you are washing the cloth part just as much as a regular cloth diaper. The following link has been the most informative for me (with tons of more links to more posts inside her blog)
and I like that she researched before and has updated after the baby turned 1 year.
A sweet girl from church actually started selling her own cloth diapers because she preferred the ones she made for her boys the best.
Okay sorry for the long comment! Super excited for yall!!