Maternity Must Haves

I thought it'd be fun to list a few of the tangible things that have gotten me through my pregnancy...namely the thoughest parts, such as approx. 24 weeks of nauseousness and side sleeping.  So here's my list (so far!) of what I've found in this pregnancy to be my "maternity must haves."

1. Leachco back and belly pillow.  Life saver, let me tell you.  I've struggled to sleep well at night during my pregnancy, and at the beginning was having to use a bazillion pillows to try to keep me propped up.  This pillow has helped me get quite a few good nights sleep.  (Though those are lessening, which the veteran moms tell me is normal.  I guess even a great pillow can't do it all.)  I also find that putting a pillow between my legs helps even more.

2.  Be-Band Maternity Band.  This and my favorite stretchy tops helped carry me to a little over 20 weeks without having to buy maternity clothes.  It was a birthday present in January from a friend who "had a feeling" I was pregnant. :)  Good thinking.

3.  Belly Bar products.  I've been taking Belly Bar prenatal chewable vitamins for the majority of my pregnancy as the One-a-days made me really sick.  I haven't had any problems with these.  I like that they don't have food dyes in them too.  I also love the supplement bars, which provide even more vitamins and minerals, and were sometimes the only thing I really felt like eating.  (Especially during that nasty flu!)  The s'mores flavor is awesome!

4.  iPad and Kindle for iPadOkay, okay I must confess.  No, we can not afford this fun little contraption, but yes I was blessed with one for Christmas from work!!  Crazy and super fun gift that I am certainly grateful for!  I'm sure I'm still not using it to its fullest potential, but I certainly improved that when I discovered the free Kindle for iPad app.  My first purchase?  Baby Bargains 2011, a life saver for a novice pregnant lady like me!  I was also able to save money by purchasing my latest bible study, "That I May Know Him," on here, as well as the book I recently mentioned, "The Fitting Room" by Kelly Minter, based on Colossians 3, which is part of my current study.  Needless to say, for a book lover and person who craves information like me, this is a great alternative, (besides the library and half-price bookstore!), to read more books for less than it would normally cost.  I also have LOVED the free "Hello Baby" app by Pampers.  It allows us to see a true to size representation of how our baby is growing every week - so neat!Next I'll be looking for great new mom and baby apps!  Any suggestions??
(from Amazon)

5. La Croix sparkling water with a lime.  So I have still neglected to tell you about our babymoon and the awesome experience of getting bumped on the way there and thus being moved to first class for the last leg of our flight to Florida from Atlanta.  Talk about FUN!!!  Neither Kevin nor I have ever flown first class and it was so much fun.  They bring snacks every other second, (a pregnant lady's dream! :), and they serve drinks in real glasses!  We just had a blast in those cushy seats in the company of people who actually belonged there.  Ha.  I wanted to get something other than plain old water, and since I'm not drinking soda, caffeine, or artificial sweetners, (for the most part!), I checked out the little in flight menu.  My new favorite discovery was made - La Croix sparkling water with a wedge of lime.  I then drank a lot of it on vacation and have continued to do so since.  I can't seem to find anything inappropriate about this treat during pregnancy, (please correct me if I'm wrong!), and it satisfies that need for something fizzy and "pop" like!  A bonus is it's much cheaper than Perrier sparkling water- also yummy!

(It comes in different flavors, but for now I prefer the plain...and I promise, squeezing a wedge of lime in it makes all the difference!!)


6.  My Honey K-Love.  This nickname for Kevin goes way back to the beginning.  And of course no "must-have" list could be complete without him!  He has done such a great job as my foot rubber, emotional supporter, cheerleader, prayer warrior, and God-seeking leader through this whole process.  We have been humbled and amazed from day one by God's mercy, grace, and goodness as we prayed for and became pregnant with our first child.  All those years of waiting and praying for the man God had for me continue to be so worth it with every stage of life we go through together, both the struggles and the sweet times. It is a joy to travel through this life with him, and I can't wait to fall in love with him all over again when I see him love our sweet baby.  My heart overflows and I give God all the glory.

(I love this pic...but he might not so I won't make it bigger. :)

Well, there's my short list of maternity must haves for now!  I need to post about being 29 weeks today!!  My belly is at a place that it now shocks me and makes me laugh every time I walk by a mirror! Ha!  I'm just so excited to see the sweet face of the baby growing in there!


Callie Nicole said...

Oh, the sparkling water looks wonderful! I started drinking sparkling water since having Wyatt, because I'm still trying to avoid caffeine, and pop just isn't as healthy - I like mixing mine with a little juice, but I'll have to try the lime!

rockoutwithourcoxout said...

when I was pregnant with Carson, I would walk by a mirror and almost not recognize my own body.:) I couldn't believe how much it could change in such a short time. There was one time Brian and I went to Babys R Us and as I looked at my reflection in the window, I said, "I can't believe how big it is.. it looks like a shelf.." to which Brian replied, "what, your butt??", and I quickly corrected him that I meant my belly..:) He stuck his foot in his mouth on that one.
Brian is/was such a wonderful husband and I'm glad you have Kevin.:)
Such a fun blog! Can't wait to for your baby to get here!

cait said...

Great list! I LOVE sparkly water and need to try your suggestion! I haven't been the best about staying away from sodas. I haven't done any diet...staying away from aspartame. But I have had my occasional caffeinated beverage. Whoops. And it's funny how pregnant gals are different...my mom got me a be-band and it really bothered my belly. I need to try it again now that I've gotten bigger and see if it works better for me. LOVE that pillow! Is it a BRU find?

Ashleigh said...

I also loved Baby Bargains! And sparkling water! The belly band didn't do it for me, but maybe because it was summer - in Texas, mind you - when I was needing it.

Rachel and John said...

Page! I had none of those while pregnant but I'm going to keep this post in mind for baby #2!

I wish I could email you to respond to your comments. I LOVE cloth diapering and I plan to post on it soon! We just started last week but I now wish I started SO much earlier!!