Wonderful Wednesday

See, I knew things would start looking up quickly!  Today I had quite the 'duh' moment when my one and only 10 yr old student was quite pleasant during school, and miraculously I was able to much better handle my physical aches.  Hmmm....could the little Mr. Not-so-respectful have had anything to do with my emotional fall out yesterday?!  Amazing how kids can have that effect.  Just remember this little occurrence in several months when I'm all over the place emotionally once again!!! :)

Let's catch up on little baby wonderful, shall we??? 

How far along?  25 weeks today!  Who can even believe it?!  Well, it has been quite the crazy 6 months for me, but it is all of a sudden racing by.  I often get a crazy adrenaline rush that feels like the night before Christmas!  I'm sure that will only continue to increase.  I find myself dreaming and praying a lot about the moment Kevin and I meet this sweet gift.  Apparently baby's size is that of a large rutabaga.  Um, raise your hand if you know what a rutabaga looks like!?  That's what I thought. ;)

Movement:  Two words for little Love: DANCE PARTY!  The little one is having quite the fun time in there, especially when worship music that I'm singing is involved, when I'm sitting quietly in the afternoon, or when Daddy is talking.  The afternoons have been quite active.  So sweet.  This week he/she has decided that lunch is not the favorite meal.  I have thrown up the last two days immediately after I've eaten anything!!!  Violently, I might add.  Ugh.  My back is toast at this point.  But at least today I can totally laugh at the craziness.   And I just love rubbing my big belly and seeing it move.

Maternity clothes:  Love them.  Comfy, comfy - and finally...clothes made to fit me!  What an idea.  (Or maybe now it all just works because my front goes with the back - ha ha).  Shockingly, cheap clothes from Old Navy are my favorite and fit the best.  Perfect for a girl who hates to spend money and doesn't have much to spend!  I only bought a handful of things for our trip to Florida, and if the sun would come back out around here I would greatly enjoy wearing them again.  And again and again...because I'm not buying a new wardrobe.  So far my prediction of enjoying the summer sun while pregnant in maternity dresses/skirts is coming true.  Ask me again at the end of July. ;)

Names:  I mentioned quite awhile ago that we had decided on names and they are staying strong.  I never in a million years thought that I, Miss Indecisive herself, would ever be able to choose a baby name by the birth day!!  Yet God has an amazing way of answering prayer and providing direction and peace.  We are super excited about either!  Speaking of which...

Gender:  Still not finding out...though I've had some moments thinking I'd go crazy from not knowing. We're so close now that I don't even want to spoil the surprise.  I have come a long way with all that and no longer have an ultra sensitivity to people having strong opinions about what the baby is.  Everyone has a 50/50 chance and noone knows, so it doesn't bother me.  It takes me awhile to come around with this stuff.  I am a slooow transitioner into new phases of life and get overwhelmed easily.  I am super sure God is pleased with His choice, and I of course already am too!

Nauseousness/Cravings:  I don't think you need any more details about my inability to keep food down very easily.  But the nauseousness usually just comes in the morning or afternoon if I wait too long to eat or am too hungry.  It's all so on and off again that I'm done with the analyzing.  It is what it is and I'll take it!  As far as cravings, they are totally week to week....hummus and pita bread, fig newtons, corn, tart frozen yogurt, Life cereal, MILK...all seemingly unpredictable and ever changing.  I tire of things easily I think.  And I still don't have an insatiable appetite...more heartburn and indigestion than anything else.  But I am gaining enough weight, so that's good.

Marriage moments:  I'm going to write a whole post about our sweet babymoon and include all our fun beach pics.  Then I'll tell you the bliss that occurred during that week and a half, and how it was the sweetest time ever for Kevin and I.  We squeezed the joy out of every second and every drop of sun.  I have longed for it ever since I've been home.  We saw the sunset on the beach 8 days in a row.  JOY.  The last couple of weeks have been admittedly exhausting as I've been sick and we've been readjusting to real life and work...and the log cabin.  "Thank you Lord for your amazing provision of this cute place...but we are boldly asking for a place of our own soon."  We are so ready.  I don't know if I've mentioned it, (or if it's really necessary), but we don't have an oven, a full size fridge, or a washer and dryer here.  It has all worked out just fine and I know we have more than enough and so much to be thankful for.  But mommy and daddy are both starting to get a little antsy about finding a home to prepare for Baby Love.  A practice of patience and trust that I know will pay off.  My Father will provide, as He always does.

Registry progress:  Really coming along actually!  Thank you so much for your advice in one of my last few posts - very helpful.  Since then I purchased and read Baby Bargains and have been researching my guts out - so much so that I'm ashamed to say it's kind of been the subject of my dreams several nights!  But I'm starting to feel excited about my choices!!  And I have two lists going - the super duper actual wish list, and the "back to reality/what we can afford back-up" list.  We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out!

Other than that, I'll see about getting some updated belly pics on here tomorrow.  I totally just tried to take one of myself...did not work out so well.  Ha ha.  Sorry for the wordy, wordy brown and white.  Just keeping it real.


cait said...

yay! Love the update!! I am crazy over Baby Bargains, too. So insightful and helpful! I'm so sorry you are still feeling so gross...I can't say I would have the same positive outlook you are. You amaze me!! Oh yes the pregnancy clothes...simply amazing!! Like you, I'm not blowing the budget at all. I have purchased two items. Trying to stay frugal! Praying for you all, that God's perfect plan works out for your home situation. It will!! And love hearing about that sweet baby moving so much! Cannot wait to feel that myself! Enjoy! :)

Nicole said...

I love this post! I can just tell that this baby is going to be shown the love of Jesus every minute. He/she is already worshiping in your belly!

Melanie said...

Love your baby updates!! So hard to believe your 25 weeks already..the time does fly by so enjoy each minute!!