The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

My grandma called to check on me today and said she "missed me," which translates into also missing my life through this blog!  Sorry Grandma.  :)  I have been slacking and I'm aware...I'm SUCH a procrastinator when I get overwhelmed.  Speaking of which...

I listen to this song at least twice a day lately.  Emotionally, physically, mentally I am so in need of Him - at times it seems like now more than ever.  I truly want to stay so positive during this pregnancy...because I am so humbled and so grateful.  But it has been pretty rough physically lately.  I've been fighting yet another cough, and between that and the occasional/semi-regular throwing up, plus my short waisted self, my ribs and back muscles are crying out for mercy.  (Which I'm pretty sure will come with sweet Baby Love :)  I'm learning a whole new respect and compassion for anyone who's in any sort of chronic pain...I know many people deal with so much worse and I should keep my complaining to myself.  On weak days it really can get to my emotions, and today I finally broke down and told Kevin that I just need to have a bad day.  So I did.  I felt like God was inviting me to be honest so He could embrace me there.  This past Sunday a sweet friend at church, (who's birthed 8 children and adopted 5!!!), encouraged me by explaining the time of pregnancy and everything that goes with it as continuously bringing your body and placing it on the altar for the Lord and what He is doing.  I love that.  What a good God...and I do surrender all of this to Him.  How gracious He is for knitting together such a beautiful work in me.  And how awesome is it that the little one just keeps kicking and flipping away in there, happy with the dark chocolate m&m's that mommy can keep down. :)

So there you have it.  Today I admit this has been hard for me.  Yet oh so wonderful and I love it so much all at the same time.  A fascinating and fabulous experience.  In just a few months I pray my aches and pains will be a distant memory...as I live my dream of holding my sweet precious baby in my arms.  I'm SO excited about that moment!!!


Melanie said...

Aww...praying for you Page!! Pregnancy can really be rough at times (I still continue to have my hard days as well) and I know how you feel..I long to hold my baby in my arms as well! Wont be long!

rockoutwithourcoxout said...

Hey Page!
As you get toward the end, it get's tough for sure. Everything will hurt and it will seem like it lasts a life time. But! you will hold our baby soon enough. Giving birth to my boys were the most amazing moments of my life. I wish I could relive that first 20 minutes of their lives as I heard their first cry's, held them for the first time and just marveled at what Brian and I had done together. They are a gift from God on loan.:) Parenting by far is one of the most difficult yet amazing endeavors of life. So much so we are thinking about a 3rd:). Soak in every moment with your first. Spend time laying around with your little one while you don't have another to chase around.
You are going to make an awesome mom. Enjoy it as much as you can.